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Stenomask Mini Microphones for Court Reporters

Question: What is a Stenomask?
A stenomask is a small portable Court Reporter microphone that is sound shielded, built into a plastic enclosure that fits over the speaker's mouth or nose and mouth. This allows the user to connect to voice recognition like Dragon & Google to dictate. 

Buying the right stenomask is not only important for getting a good recording, but vital to your comfort. You use this verbatim mask every days, hour after hour and it needs to fit right. Martel's Dragon stenomasks are molded to fit comfortably in your hand and the mouth pieces were designed to avoid irritation. We have different mouthpieces to fit different peoples facial contours gently but firmly, so little to no sound can escape and the steno-mask.

court-reporter-using-stenomask-in-courtroom.jpgStenomask for court reporter's voice writers NVRA
The Double Dragon Voice Recognition USB all Distal Stenomask for court Reporters, are used by stenographers to report on court room proceedings with out being heard. It is the only Steno Mask used by all 3 of the US Military branches. It is a American Made Product. The steno mask has a specially designed microphone inside that allows perfect reproduction of the stenographers voice. It is a private mask allowing the verbatim mask reporter to report on the court proceedings quietly without interrupting others. The Mini Mask has remained the Top Verbatim Mask for over 30 years now. The stenographer can plug it into a tape recorder, a digital recorder, a wireless transmitter or a computer. We also make the worlds only  Stenomask 4 channel court room recorder the DM246 that replaces the old Sony BM246 conference courtroom recorders. We offer 3 mouth pieces for a perfect fit.