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Wireless Stenomask -World's Only

  • The World's Only Wireless Stenomask for Voice Writers
  • Wireless Stenomask - New Freedom from Cables
  • Wireless Stenomask Must See for Court Reporters
IN-STOCK LIMITED SUPPLY AllOW 2 Weeks for Delivery

Introducing the Worlds Only Wireless Stenomask. For years you have been stuck connected by cables to a desk. Now you can get up and move around while voice-writing. Feel free to move around the courtroom.

No internet connection required! That means no Wifi devices or Ethernet cables are needed to use the Wireless Stenomask, true freedom.

The Wireless Stenomask is a huge jump in technology for voice writers. It can even work with Dragon voice recognition software(15 is the best version). The range is about 125 feet from your computer or recorder. Why not indulge your self in comfort and get rid of all those bulky cables that are weighing you down.  

One of the huge benefits from the Wireless Stenomask (WSM) is the relief from the weight of cables on your hand and arm.

The Wireless Stenomask is not a Bluetooth device. The audio is transferred in real-time, no lag. The units transmission is completely secure and encrypted so no on can hear or interfere with your masks audio. 

The unit is so light, weighing in at only 2.5 ounces, your arm and back will thank you. Now if you are sitting for a hour or two you can get up stretch, walk over to the documents and evidence, and still be able to voice write. Simply amazing, welcome to the future of voice writing court reporting! 

Freedom from cables never felt so good. 

Allow 2 weeks for delivery due to demand!

Package includes:

  • 1 Wireless Stenomask made by Martel Exclusively
  • Mouth piece 
  • Foam noise dampening insert
  • Recharging cables 
  • Instruction manual
  • Martel Award Winning Telephone support 
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Product Reviews

  1. Yes it works! Yeah finally free of cables! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Aug 2017

    I have to tell you for years I sat with cords hanging out of my hands hunched over my desk. So old fashioned. I saw this Wireless Stenomask on Facebook last week and though could it be true. I got it a couple of weeks ago. The transmitter is built int the mask and its so light weight. I walked around my old 1900s courtroom and even went out in the a hall about 93 feet away and it was still working. The rechargeable battery last about 6 hours. So I plug it in at lunch to my laptop to recharge and it goes the entire day. I was scared that the unit would have lag in the voice back to the computer but guess what its real time no lag, perfect. So I called Austin and asked him how it works, he told me that the wireless microphones transmission is encrypted and real-time like you home wireless phone. That means no one can listen in and no one can interfere with the signal by their use of their iphones or ipads in the courtroom. That is super amazing! Now for the juicy part. This week I had a number of jobs with exhibits, I was able to get up from my desk walk over to the evidence and still be voice writing into my wireless stenomask.