Ultimate Double Dragon 2 Stenomask for Voice Recognition | USB + 1/8" Jacks

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  • Dragon Double Stenomask
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  • Stenomask by Martel Electronics Exclusive
  • Double Dragon Stenomask for Court Reporters
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  • Double Dragon Stenomask for voice recognition for Court Reporters
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Please, only 1 order per Customer at this point! 

Voice Writers: I bought this Dragon mask last week; got it yesterday. I'm seeing INCREDIBLE recognition on a brand-spankin'-new user with minimal training. This Dragon mask is USB direct (no pod!) and I'm using with Eclipse VOX Turbo (version 12.5 Dragon)
This is a made-to-order mask and a little pricey. That said, what value do you place on your recognition?
I'll keep you posted; but if you want to try it out, I think that - so far - it's amazing.

Tori Pittman BA, FAPR, RDR, CRI, CVR-CM-M, RCP
Wake Forest, NC 27588
Pittmanstenography .com

The Double Dragon Stenomask incorporates 2 microphones for true stereo sound. The Dragon microphone has a 7-star rating, which is the highest for a USB digital microphone. This enables you to get the highest Dragon voice recognition you have ever gotten as a court reporter. The second microphone is an analog microphone used to plug into a digital recorder or back up machine. If you are stuck at around the 95% recognition and you want to get even higher, you will need the right steno-mask for the job. Try our new advanced line of Dragon Steno-masks! You won't be disappointed. Real-time Voice Writing is now within your reach.
What is so revolutionary about the Dragon Stenomask? It is that the sound card is built into the mask and is approved by Nuance to get the highest recognition SIX STAR rating. If you are tired of struggling with your old mask recognition rates, upgrade to the Dragon Stenomask! It will take you to the next level of Dragon Recognition Court Reporting.

Dragon Stenomask

This is the greatest leap forward in stenomask technology since the first invention of the stenomask. The Ultimate Dragon Stenomask Mini has the worlds most advanced microphone! One per customer at this time. Orders may be delayed because of back orders up to 2 weeks. Thank you for your understanding. The most anticipated stenomask in history.

Approved as the 7 Dragon Star rating, the highest ever, the Martel Dragon Mask will take your court reporting to the highest level of recognition. Limited Production, Delivery may be delayed! 

Since the Dragon Mask is a completely digital device, it does not need your computer's sound card. This helps in processing a digital to digital signal so there is no loss of voice quality to your Dragon software. Typically, when you use a stenomask that is analog (3.5 mm-1/8 male plug connector) with a sound card, the computer needs to change the signal from analog to digital creating signal loss. The Dragon Mask avoids all loss of signal by being completely 100% digital.  


  • Dragon Certified USB Device
  • Surgical clean soft silicon for non-irritation 
  • Light and comfortable, adjusts to any face
  • Provides a tight seal around the mouth and nose
  • Easy to clean
  • Quietest mask available
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Warranty Information

  • Double Dragon Stenomask with 2 microphones & cables
  • Instruction manual
  • Martel Telephone Support if needed
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2 Reviews

  • 5
    Recognition is great!

    Posted by C. Lashley on 10th Oct 2019

    I love this mask so much that I’m purchasing another one for my back up. I am a whisperer, and this mask allows me to be silent.

  • 5
    Fantastic recognition rate

    Posted by Tabatha on 20th Mar 2019

    I plug one cable into my laptop and the other cable into a Olympus back up recorder. I am getting 100% recognition rate with Dragon 15 Pro. Make sure you get the SS4 soft seal mouth piece with your mask. Its a optional accessory. Enjoy!

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