Transcription Foot Pedals

Transcription Foot Pedals

Buy, the foot pedal you need for your transcription software or tape transcriber. They are in stock and ship fast at the lowest possible prices

Confused about which transcription foot pedal you need? Luckily, you landed on our site. Get advice with friendly sales staff, we can get you the exact foot pedal for your transcriber. The foot pedals range from USB computer, of analog.

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  • Marantz PMD661 and PMD620 3 way transcriber foot pedal, rewind, play, fast forward

    Foot Pedal for PMD-620 & PMD-661

    Martel Electronics

    Sale Price $149.00
    This special foot pedal allows you to plug directly in a 3 way foot pedal to a Marantz PMD620, PMD620MKII and a Marantz PMD661, PMD661MKII Digital recorder. This is the worlds only foot pedal that will allow you to turn Marantz pmd661mkii and the...
    Sale Price $149.00
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    Sale Price $149.00
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