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Stenomask Verbatim Starter Kit 2 (Voice Writing System for Court Reporters)

  • Stenomask Verbatim Starter Kit, Deposition Package
  • Stenomask recorder with 2 channel microphones
  • Court Reporter using the Martel Stenomask in court room
  • Stenomask recorder with recording level
  • Stenomask recorder montage
  • Stenomask record level
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On a budget and looking to get into the steno verbatim reporting business? Here's the solution!

Record, Rewind and Readback 
Instantly be able to rewind a voice recording

The Steno Mask Verbatim Starter Kit 2 contains EVERYTHING you need to start in this industry. It includes the high quality 2 channel digital recorder, steno mask, live room microphone, SD memory card, card reader and transcription kit.

This recorder has been modified to produce 2 separate tracks. One for the room recording and one for the stenomask. This is a perfect starter kit to start working small jobs and deposition. 

Simply plug the steno mask and microphone into the recorder and press record. At the end of the day upload the file to the computer. Then that's where the the All N one Transcription Kit comes in. This included kit lets you use a USB footpedal to control the playback of the audio file you recorded, while your hands are free to type.

Experience broadcast quality sound on both your voice and live room tracks. 


Package Type:
Steno Mask Verbatim Package
Recorder Type:
Digital Audio
Steno Mask Type:
Sound Cancelling XLR
Live Microphone Type:
Omnidirectional Dynamic
Transcription Kit Type:
Multichannel w/USB Footpedal
Recording Format:
Recording Media:
SD Memory Card
Level Controls:
Automatic, Manual dials
Microphone Jacks:
(2) XLR
Upload Ability:
USB to Computer
4.5 x 7.2 x 1.8" (113 x 184 x 47mm)
2.8 pounds

  • Marantz Professional 2-Channel Digital Recorder
  • MM-XLR Steno Mini Mask
  • CG-1 Conference Grabber Microphone
  • All N One Transcription Kit (Multichannel)
  • Carrying Case
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Product Reviews

  1. The stenomask starter kit is a nice way to start 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th May 2014

    this steno mask starter kit is the way I took my training and didnt break the bank. The mask is comfortable and the audio is clear. I later bought the DM671 recorder once I started my job in the court. Now I use this recorder as a back up.