Stenomask Mini Microphones for Court Reporters

Stenomask Mini Microphones for Court Reporters

Introducing the World's Most Advanced Dragon Stenomask. Everything else is Obsolete! 

WORLD's 1st ALL DIGITAL Dragon Stenomask Unleash Voice Recognition!  Offical Dragon Stenomask



4 Channel Voice Writers software Mask Scribe


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  • Stereo stenomask

    MM-ST1 Stereo Stenomask (dual 1/8" plug) Exclusive

    Martel Electronics

    Sale Price $249.99
    Martel's small size steno mask with a (2) 3.5mm aka 1/8" plugs for verbatim mask reporters. With (2) 3.5mm plugs you can record both on your computer and a backup digital recorder at the same time, assuring you get the recording you need. Two...
    Sale Price $249.99
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    Sale Price $249.99
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