Stenomask Equipment Packages

Stenomask Equipment Packages

Introducing the World's Most Advanced Dragon Stenomask made only by Martel!

We've combined some of our best court reporting Dragon stenomask/voice writing equipment to make a variety of complete verbatim/voice recording packages.

 Court Reporter Stenomask in a courtroom


4 Channel Voice Writers software Mask Scribe


Whether you're just getting into steno mask reporting or are an industry veteran replacing equipment, this is an inexpensive but professional way to go. We sell only court certified multi-channel stenomask recorders that are in widespread use in the U.S. and Canadian court systems. Check out our complete stenomask microphones solutions below.

Voice-writing or verbatim writing is a skilled technique used for court reporting and others. Using the voice writing\stenomask technique, a court reporter speaks directly into a stenomask or voice quieter, a hand-held mask containing one or two microphones and voice-silencing materials.