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Rear Seat Suspect Microphone for the police car camera

  • Police Dash Camera rear seat suspect covert microphone
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Rear seat covert suspect microphone for recording suspects conversations. Usable with the DC3, DC3M, DVD Partner and MDP4, MDP6.

The audio being transmitted by the police officers wireless microphone is important,  also the confessions or accusations recorded, once the suspect is in the back seat of the cruiser.  So with this in mind, we created a back seat open hidden microphone that records the suspect's conversations. 

One of the most popular accessories for the police in-car camera systems. This feature allows you to be 10-8 with your video even though the officer may not be in the car, when the suspects are talking or confessing.  Since the suspects are unaware of the audio recordings, a clear, crisp sound recording may solve your case. The suspect rear cabin microphone connects directly into the back of the in-car camera. This accessory is a plug and play option and takes just a few seconds to install. Once the microphone is installed it is always active. 


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