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Prisoner Inmate Transportation Video Recording System

  • Police Prisoner Inmate Transportation Recording System
  • Prisoner inmate transport video recording equipment microphone
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Official Prisoner Inmate Transportation 2 Prisoner transport 2 camera Video Recording System

The Prisoner video recording equipment system is used to record audio and video inmates, suspects, in-car video recording cage vehicle transportation, inmate transport camera recordings, while the prisoner is being transported to court. The system includes 2 High Definition cameras for recording 2 views of the prisoners. Martel has the best surveillance equipment that is the perfect match for prisoner transport and other high-risk transportation vehicles.

We have engineered a mobile dvr audio and video surveillance equipment package that is the perfect match for prisoner transport and other high-risk transportation vans or buses. Our high resolution cameras automatically record both the driver’s cabin and prisoner compartment with built in color night vision. HD footage helps better identify details during incident investigations.

Vehicle Camera Surveillance systems for Prisoner Inmate Suspect transport, Inmate Safety, Transportation cameras and Prisoner Transport surveillance.

Transporting suspects to and from the court has become one of the most important things a law enforcement agency is involved in. During the transport from jail to the courtroom, inmates frequently engage in more criminal activity. This is why it is critical to record the video and audio clearly during handling of the suspect while driving them to court. HD video evidence provided by our Police Patrol Wagon audio video recording equipment allows you to record arrest suspect, prisoner & Inmate in-Custody by recording them with two cameras. The video is recorded onto  an SD card of the prisoner in the custody transport vehicle. Prisoner Inmate Transportation Security Surveillance Camera Systems. Buy a Prisoner Transportation Prison Bus Surveillance Camera System. Mobile video surveillance equipment that is a required for prisoner transport and other high-risk transportation vehicles. Prisoner Inmate Transportation DVR, HD Security Surveillance Camera Systems. Prisoner Transportation Prison Bus Surveillance Camera System. Car\Vehicle\Bus Camera police Surveillance systems for; Prisoner Inmate Suspect transport, Inmate video recording equipment Safety Transportation cameras and Prisoner Transport surveillance.

Exclusive features of the Official Prisoner Transport DVR recording system for Police

  • 2 High Definition small prisoner proof cameras 
  • Records video in HD 1280 x 720P
  • Records video to solid state SDHC memory cards
  • Monitor for watching prisoners during driving 
  • High powered covert prisoner cage microphone for recording suspects voices
  • Easy install and mounting anywhere in the transport vehicle

Prisoner Transport Video Recording equipment solution includes the following:

  • Smallest DVR with Monitor
  • 2 small Tough HD cameras for recording suspect
  • High Powered Voice Sensitive converts microphone for the cage 
  • 2 Professional mounts for cameras
  • 1 Power harness for easy installation
  • Visor mount for the DVR monitor
  • 1 - 128 Gigabyte SDHC memory card with 133 hours of recording time
  • 1 SDHC memory card reader for copying video from the SDHC card to a computer
  • Martel 3 year warranty on DVR and cameras
  • Martel 800 Telephone support 

Prisoner inmate Suspect video recording Camera system transport Applications:

  • Prisoner/Suspect transport vans/buses
  • Prisoner/Suspect transport bus
  • Police Paddy Wagon Custody Transport
  • High Valued Inmate Transport (HVIT) vehicle
  • High Risk Transport Operations (HRTO) vehicle
  • High Risk Inmate / Suspect Transport (HRIST) vehicle
  • Federal Marshall covert suspect transport vesicles

 Common questions: How to install and mount a Prisoner transport camera video system.  Estimated install time: 1 hour. All cameras are weather resistant and can be mounted



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