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Portable Wireless Meeting\Conference Recorder + 4 Wireless Microphones system Worlds Only Exclusive

  • CD Wireless Meeting/Conference Recorder + 4 Wireless Microphones system Worlds Only Exclusive made for meeting recording
  • wireless microphone meeting recording equipment
  • wireless microphone meeting recorder
  • buttons on wifi conference recorder
  • batteries on the back of the meeting recording equipment
  • cd meeting recorder with wireless microphone exclusive
  • Image 7
  • USB thumb drive  meeting\conference recording equipment recorder
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Perfect wireless microphone conference\meeting recorder for courtroom recording, business boardrooms,HOA groups, depositions, hearings, boardroom meetings, city council meetings, seminars, expert panels, focus groups, and more!

The 4 wireless Microphone CD Recorder Package includes 4 wireless conference microphones and receivers. The wireless microphones rechargeable batteries last around 10 hour of continuous use. You can drop any of the 4 wireless microphones anywhere you can not run microphone cables to and hear that group of people speaking clearly. 

Perfect for recording City Council Meetings, Courtroom Recording, Board Meetings, and any situation where you need a digital meeting recorder to produce a CD immediately without a PC or Windows. You can hook up to 12 Martel meeting Microphones to this package. Use the quote button above to get a custom quote.

The Martel CD Conference Recorder is perfect for Government and meeting recording applications due to its liability compliance, because the battery backup protects files from becoming deleted or corrupted in case of power loss. It even continues recording if AC power is interrupted. This is a unique feature available on this unit only. You record audio files directly to the USB Flash Drive and the recordings are  automatically Time/Date stamped for easy identification. Then you just push the burn CD button and it moves them to a CD for storage or distribution. You can also pull the removable flash drive from the unit and take the file with you. 

Package includes:

  • 1- Portable easy CD recorder with Ac power supply 
  • 4- Martel Wireless microphone transmitters
  • 4- Martel wireless receiver for connection to steno writer/laptop/digital recorder
  • 4- spare extra lapel clips microphones for technical witness while they are walking around the courtroom 
  • 4 Long lasting rechargeable batteries and charger
  • 4 ac adapters for the receiver
  • Martel Telephone Support 


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