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Police wireless Microphone Transmitter 2.4GHz all Police Camera Systems

  • Police Dash in car Camera wireless microphone transmitter
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A replacement transmitter for our police wireless microphone system.

Instantly synchronizes with your police car camera system when activated. The internal microphone is controlled by a micro processor allowing for pristine audio in all situations. The audio from the police officer and the citizen are transmitted by the 2.4ghz wireless microphone back to the police car camera via a frequency hopping encrypted link. By using this state of the art transmission scheme will ensure the highest possible voice evidence for our customers. This is only Martel police car cameras

The police wireless microphone transmits audio communications from the officers belt while he is making a traffic stop.

The microphones picks up the conversation between the police officer and the suspect, thus allowing  the audio to be recorded on the video evidence. The distance between the police officer and the police car is usually 200 feet or less. The transmitter has the ability to transmit over 1500 feet. Officers can go into houses and buildings without interruption of the audio signal. The transmitter has a security feature which is connecting the audio and the base station, locking in the transmitting signal. Since the transmitter is a 2 way communication device, the transmitter can activate the police in-car cameras record feature and visa versa. If the light bar is activated and the police dash camera system goes into record mode so will the police wireless microphone. 

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  1. Police Car camera wireless microphone transmitter 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Apr 2016

    This police camera microphone works great and the audio that is sent back to the dash-cam is clear. The unit is small and has a internal microphone built inside the unit. The wireless microphone activates the police dash-cam and allows the unit to go into record. If the police dash camera system is activated by the light bar it will turn on the officers wireless microphone automatically.