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Police Dash Cam System MDP6

  • Worlds Smallest police dash cam system MDP6
  • police dash camera system with officer remote control for police car
  • worlds only officer record remote control joystick for activating the police dash cam system
  • police dash cam fits in the palm of the officers hand and can be used outside the police car
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The only Smallest Police Dash Cam System in the world you can use inside and outside the police car! 

The Worlds Only Police Car Camera System usable both Inside and Outside the vehicle. The Digital Partner 6 HD police Dash-cam incorporates a digital in car video system and a crime scene video camera all in one unit. Welcome to the Future of Police in Car Video Systems that fit in the palm of your hand. Finally a dual purpose camera system is available to departments on a budget. Now your'e ready to with HD video code 10-8 on every shift!  The Digital Partner records in 1080P HD. New for 2016 is a officers command console remote control joystick. It allows you to take full control over the camera system without touching it directly.  

Haven't you always wanted to video tape drugs insisde suspects car, or have photograph for  evidence of a domestic violence victims bruises, simply using your police car video system. Record video directly on a SD Memory Card inside the camera. Entire installation time: 2 minutes. No other in-car police video system on the market has these features, at this price.

Police Dash Cam System officers remote control



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Product Reviews

  1. watch how video guards your police departments back 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jun 2016

    So many police agencies are getting video to watch and guard their police officers while they are in the field. Most are 4 protecting the officers. Video guard is a must in the video world of today. Police in-car watch video dash cameras are a great way to guard against problems that arise from bad video.

  2. Super HD video quality in a police dash cam! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Apr 2016

    We loved our demo so much we bought 2 of the Police Dash Cam systems MDP6. The video excellent at night and the license plates and faces are super sharp.