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This option gives you the ability to send live streaming video from a crime scene directly through your official police car cameras wireless router back to headquarters. Simply plug in the cable to the computer and the Plug & Play detection will find the device. Then both audio and video is sent streaming through the wireless network . Please note: Martel does not setup your departments wireless network, an IT consultant may be required.

Police In-Car Live Video Streaming is now available on the DC3 police car camera. 

Our in-car video system to allows police departments complete situational awareness in real-time. It allows police chiefs staff  to see and hear what is happening as a incident develops. 

The streaming gives your police department up to date information which allows you to concentrate or disperse your police officers thereby saving you time and manpower.

Once you get the video back to the station you can watch on-scene as a crime unfolds. 

Police Staff can read the information off the video and audio stream from the in-car video cameras that are on-scene. 

The commanders can assess how much help to send or if the Swat team is needed. Only the authorized officers can view the streaming video and it can be watched on smart phones, tablets or headquarters pc Windows machines. The stream uses a variable bit so if you have a less than desirable data connections the video will still be able to be seen. If you have a great data connection you will get amazing quality video.

The live video stream is encoded by dedicated encoder and can work independently in the in-car laptop. 

The video stream is optimized in the .mpeg4 formatt which is the most efficient for streaming. The in-car video system can just send the video and audio with data directly into the streaming device and its aromatically sent back to the station via 4G/LTE cellular network.

Since the Police Car Camera System is now sending through a streaming encoder that video will be placed on a secure server where multiple devices can access it all at one. 


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