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Police Car Camera - Digital Video Evidence Manager

  • Digital Video Evidence Management Case Software for police in-car video camera systems & body-cameras
  • Police car camera system Digital video evidence management software
  • DC3 police car camera system with touchscreen

Police car camera technology

Police Dash-cam HD Police Dash-cam with suspect recognition worlds only Police in-car video camera
Dash-Hound Police Dash-cam +
body camera $999.00
MPD6 HD in-car Video can be used
inside and outside of car. $1895.00

HD Police Car Camera with 2 Cameras + Automatic Video wifi uploading from car to station. $2995.00  


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The Digital Video Evidence Manager is the ultimate way to Store, Search, Utilize Storage, Add notes and Burn DVD's for court. This is software is only for Law Enforcement. 

The Martel Digital Video Evidence Manager Program is included with the Martel DC3 Police Digital in-car Video System as well as every DVD Partner Direct to DVD in-car video system at no extra cost.

This Windows based utility program can be installed on a station computer or laptop to provide additional search, archiving and viewing for your fleet of Martel Police Car Cameras.

The DVEM utility program provides tools for scrutinizing the video on SDHC flash cards and is key for retrieving and securing evidence. Retrieval of previously recorded video has long been a time consuming task. The DVEM fixes this by giving you multiple options for lookup. Searches can be done by Time and Date, Officer Name, Car Number, or Event Notes. For example you have on your computer 6 months of video, you just open the Digital Video Evidence Manager Program, click search, type the time of the stop, and presto you have the correct video file playing.

Snapping Digital Photos: With the Digital Video Evidence Manager Program you can freeze frame the video and simply press print to get the exact digital photo you need for court. Perfect for photos of suspects faces or license plates.

Security: The Digital Video Evidence Manager program has built in Passwords & log management utilities. The administrator can set passwords for officers to watch video, add notes and burn DVD's but they cannot delete the videos or the log file. Every action by the user is logged in case it is needed later. The Police Chief or Sheriff has full permissions enabling all functions, including deletion of video files.


Rolling out a in-car camera program brings great challenges, considerations and growing issues. Digital Evidence Management Solution streamlines the tangles up evidence collection and management and makes writing documents, staff and evidence requests simple and easy. Digital Evidence Management software also gets rid of recording errors, automatically tags and redacts content, and managing your budget.

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