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Police Body Camera

The Ugly Truth about Police Body Cameras

For some years now I have been hearing that police body worn cameras are going to save the reputations of police officers around the country. Since then the results are starting to appear about how the public receives the BWC videos.
Greatest Truth about police body cameras The single is that the units are so close to the suspects that any touching of handling of the suspects makes the officer look like they are using to much force even if they are being gentle. Its goes like this, The cameras is shacking the video is super up-close like a bad selfie and the suspects are struggling and your officers video footage look like the Blair Witch Project movie. As a police chief you being sold an idea that the body cameras are a panacea, but often times the video is being used against you in court. As a nonprofessional watching allot of police body camera videos, even the officers who are following the rules and not being aggressive look like they are being violent because they are wearing a body mounted camera and the video is super up-close, non faltering and shaking just like a horror movie. Police body cameras are hiding an ugly truth, this whole entire body camera system has been oversold to police departments. 

A Police Body Camera or (PBC) are also known as a Body Worn Video Camera System (BWV).

The body camera recording devices are usually a small video recording system that is used exclusively by police departments. The police body cameras record evidence in the form of answering statements and crime incidents. Today Police Body Cameras are contributing to citizens having a greater confidence in their law enforcement agencies.

The latest technological advance in the body-worn cameras have to do with the size and placement on the officer's body.

The units are getting smaller and more capable of handling longer recording times in the field. The body-cameras is a first person shooter point of view video recording device that often records a very close up video of suspects.