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Police Automatic Redaction Software - Blurs Faces

  • Police Automatic facial blurring redaction software
6.00 LBS

What is Police Automatic Video redaction Software for law enforcement. Definition: Any video editing software that can follow faces, frame by frame, blurring out the innocent identity for courtroom evidence playback.

So why is this so important to police departments? Over the last 11 years the use of in-car video cameras and (bwc) or body worn cameras have gone up dramatically.
Captured in the video evidence you will frequently see children and bystanders, who have nothing to do with the crime.
Martel has a hardware and software solution that you simply pay a one time fee for. Forget the expensive monthly subscriptions, or the per face blurring cost done by someone in another country.

Police Video face blurring automatic Redaction Software, and resources for learning about video redaction software solutions are available online if you wish to learn more, but at its most basic level, it simply protects the innocent.

Automatic Facial Video Redaction

The Automated Video Redaction platform is a highly advanced video redaction tool that makes it efficient to blur faces and objects across multiple frames of video without the outrageous costs departments have had to pay the last 11 years.

Police Software for in car cameras & Body Cameras, Evidence Management, Video Redaction solution.


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