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Olympus DS9000 PRO Recorder + AS9000 Transcription Kit Package (HIPAA APPROVED EXCLUSIVE)

  • Doctors digital dictation recorder HIPPA this Pro verison is certified
  • Dictation Transcription Package
  • doctors dictation recorder with special features need for health care
  • Olympus DS7000 hand held dictation recorder
  • Olympus as7000 transcription kit with foot pedal and headset for the secretary
  • Image 6
  • Doctors dictation equipment with docking/charging cradle with usb connection
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Free 2 Year Warranty:

Olympus DS-9000 Digital Voice and dictation equipment Recorder/Transcriber package.

Doctors digital dictation equipment, HIPPA approved. Exclusive 2 Year Warranty

Here's how it works. You give your Doctor\Lawyer or user the Olympus ds9000 and download cradle. Connect the cradle to an open USB port at their office. Every time the person dictating sets the Digital Dictation Recorder into the docking cradle it automatically Download the audio file and puts it into the predesignated file on the hard drive. After this is accomplished you have a couple of choice in retrieving it. First option to moving the file to you computer would be for some to email it to you as an attachment. Second choice would be for you to use the program called PC Anywhere to call the doctors computer and retrieve it without them touching their computer. The third option would be pc anywhere program on the doctors computer which would be set every night to dial out and connect with your computer and transfer what is ever in the doctors dictation file to you computer. If you have anymore more question please email me austin@martelelectronics.com Thanks and enjoy the advance technology!

Ok, So you want to upgrade from tape recorders and tape transcribers to something current and more efficient. You have been putting this off for a long time and you are a little scared. We know that's why we have developed this package. Everything you need to get a small office of 1 dictator and 1 transcriptionist up and running is in this kit. Everything including small cables parts and some one you can call to help you if you need it. So go ahead and make the purchase its easy and you will soon find out its way better than the old way. You can trust Martel 58 years in business we make the US Military video systems, over 10,000 state, county and cities are our customers.

This is a complete package with everything you will need for the lawyer/doctor to dictate and for you to transcribe it fast. We include very special software that allow you to put this entire package on an Apple Macintosh computer or Windows 10 or server editions.


Q: What is the difference between the Olympus Professional Dictation recorder and the Olympus Digital Consumer Recorders?

A: The Professional Dictation Recorders are packaged with the PRO Software which provides automatic distribution of recordings via you network, email or FTP to other users (transcription stations) and automatic retrieval of typed documents and Alerts that dictation is ready for transcribing. The DS9000 Pro has a slide control which allows a dictator to cue and review and edit for simple dictation.

The complete new DSS Player Pro software can automatically send dictations via e-mail or FTP to a secretary or transcriptionist. With integrated encryption, your dictations are safe and HIPAA compliant!

Since the Philips DPM 9600 is discontinued, the Olympus DS9000 and Philips DPM 8000 are the only Hipaa compliant dictation recorders with on board encryption.

Recorder Features:

  • Easy to use slide control
  • Large & clear color LCD
  • Centralized Navigation Buttons for easy data input & navigation 
  • Reliable slide switch with improved mechanism
  • Durable USB Connection & Battery Compartment
  • Dual Memory Support (microSD & SD cards included)
  • 3 Programmable buttons for custom function
  • Comprehensive software package for complete customization
  • PC & Mac Compatibility 
Transcriber Features: 
  • 7 programmable voice folders
  • 10 author ID settings
  • 20 work type ID settings
  •  RS-31 - 4 button USB footswitch
  • Under chin ear phone E-62
  • ODMS - Olympus Dictation Management System CD
  • Transcription module to organize and playback dictations
  • Manages DSSPro, DSS, WAV, WMA, and MP3 audio files
  • File and document management
  • Management of sender profiles

  • Professional Dictation Recorder DS7000 Pro HIPAA APPROVED SOFTWARE
  • AS7000P Pro Transcription Kit
  • Docking Station\Recharging Kit for the DS7000P Pro
  • Headset for transcribing
  • Transcription Software compatible with Mac and Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • USB Foot Pedal for Transcribing
  • Carrying Case for the dictation recorder
  • USB Cable for Downloading
  • Professional Software for downloading the files
  • Extra Earphone buds for transcription headset
  • Telephone support to get you up and rolling
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Product Reviews

  1. News Google cloud now supports Hipaa and the Martel Digital Dictation equipment kit works with Google Cloud 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jul 2014

    This very special package for the medical industry now is also compatible with Google cloud. Now thats simple just have the files uploaded to the Google network by Secure FTP software included in this bundle and its ready for Hipaa transcription. That makes my job as integrator much easier.

  2. Doctors and lawyers need this dictation recorder but others would like it too 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th May 2014

    The ds7000 by olympus is perfect for a lawyer on his case. The ease with which your thoughts can then be transferred to your computer and transcribed is just one of the many advantages to using the DS-7000 to manage your daily work.
    For whom is the Olympus DS-7000 digital recorder useful? Just to name a few: I thought of a few careers below
    • Lawyer
    • Doctor
    • Teacher
    • Professor
    • Insurance investigator/ medicaid fraud
    • Pastor/priest
    • Project Manager Professional (PMP)
    • Scientist
    • Self-Employed Professional
    • Police Officer / Detective
    • FBI Agent and other government agencies
    • Book authors
    • Journalist / Reporter to name just a few who could be helped with a great dictation recorder.