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NANO MICROPHONE: Worlds Smallest Luminex-Diamante AudioSync Ultimate Microphone No Battery

  • Worlds Smallest Court Reporter Microphone
  • Nano Court Reporter Microphone, Exclusively hand crafted by Martel the most trusted name in Court Reporting
  • Nano Hard Shell Carrying Case protects the microphone
0.02 LBS

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NO Tax if You Live Outside of California

The Smallest Court Reporter Microphone. When Price is no Object. Quality, Size and Performance are your main Concerns!  

Court Reporters living in such states as California and other states where recording is taboo this microphone is perfect for you. This microphone is so small and inconspicuous no attorneys or others will notice it. The sound quality will blow your mind and best of all it doe not need a battery. The voices are rich and sound amazing. The microphone is so small that is sits almost inside of the conclave of the Luminex. These are hand crafted limited editions. 

This is a plug and play microphone. 

As a court reporter in cases you have had attorneys and clients who refuse to speak louder. Our microphone has a natural gain to the voice reproductions that will help you understand that audio sync later on that night when you are transcribing the recording. The worlds the smallest court reporter microphone will also add another layer of audio quality to your recordings helping you with transcripts that you need to produce later on. We have enables a super natural voice features so you can live listen while you are recording on your Luminex or Diamante. Stop, worrying about your writers audio and start getting your transcripts finished in record time. Leaving out all the in audibles. Get the microphone and recordings you deserve, and get done faster each day. 

The Smallest Court Reporter Microphone Package includes:

  • Black Micro Limited Edition Luminex\Diamante Steno Micro Microphone
  • 10 Feet extension cable
  • Y-Cable so you can add another Luminex AudioSync Black Ultimate Court Reporter Microphone
  • Hard shell Protective Carrying Case 

 Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Response: 19-21,000 Hz
  • Signal To Noise Ratio: 82dB
  • Open Circuit Sensitivity: Ultra high -33dB
  • Maximum Pickup Range: 81 feet (ca. 25 m)
  • Maximum Input Sound Level: 130dB
  • Dynamic Range: 126dB
  • Polar Pattern: Omni-directional 360 degrees voice pickup
  • Dimensions in inches: 0.3.6 × .98
  • No Battery Needed

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  1. Professional, Small, works perfect in California 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Mar 2019

    The Nano court reporter microphone is so small that no one even sees it. Its perfect for us court reporters in California who need to be discrete about recording. Martel makes awesome microphones.

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