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Meeting Transcription Software with USB Foot Pedal & Headset

  • Superior quality audio transcription software worlds only unit
  • Foot pedal controls for transcription software
3.00 LBS
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This is the easiest and most efficient way to type up a meeting. The Meeting Transcription Software with USB Foot Pedal allows you to play an audio file on your computer while leaving your hands free to type.

We have put in this package the best transcription headset and USB foot pedal for the highest quality. The transcription software is very small and lean so it won't tax your computer.  If you are serious about audio quality this is your transcription kit. This meeting transcription kit with foot pedal is designed specifically for transcribing our meeting recorder equipment packages. This is the companion playback device you need to type of your minutes\meetings audio recordings while typing in Word and using a foot pedal to make playing the file hands free. 

There is not more to say about this transcription software kit, than this is super simple to operate. 

Meeting Transcriber\Transcription Software kit Features:

  • Speed control 
  • Connects to a 3 way USB heavy duty pedal
  • Auto-back spacing customization 

Below are the files that the transcription software can play:

  • wav (Wave)
  • mp3
  • Plays Apple audio files m4a 
  • Martel Professional audio quality Transcription Software
  • Transcription headset with noise canceling abilities
  • Professional 3-way USB foot pedal 

Benefits from buying from Martel

  • We offer a complete unconditional guarantee on this product.
  • Our 1-800 support number takes you directly to a LIVE support person that has full knowledge of this product
  • We can log into your computer and set it up if you need help.
  • We have been in business for over 63 years.
  • This item is in stock and you can select the shipping method of your choice.
  • Our Site is secure and we use a SSL secure server for credit card or PayPal transactions. 


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Plays Apple audio files:

Comes with 1 Year warranty
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