Martel's PC Performance Tune Up

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Martel's PC Performance Tune Up gets rid of computer freezes, system slowdowns, data loss from crashes, long boot up times, startup issues, dead links and missing shortcuts and most important, windows registry errors that can cause audio file loss. More importantly, it will reduce your chances of an audiosync failure!

Additionally, we clean off all the BLOATWARE and MALWARE your computer has accumulated over the years, increasing speed and performance. The average computer collects 20-30 malware programs a year, all which run in the background of your computer, collecting data for telemarketers. Eliminating these harmful programs will make your computer operate at peak performance like it used to.

A little known fact is that your hard drive becomes fragmented over time. This causes extreme slowdowns and eventual data loss. We completely fragment the drive with professional software, then optimize data placement on the drive to increase the speed you can access your files.

Why buy a new computer when we can make yours operate like it's new again?

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