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LX Police Interview Room Recording System

  • Police interview room recording system
  • Police interview recorder camera
  • Police interview room microphones
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25.00 LBS

We specifically design our police interview room recording systems to be the easiest to use in the world. With over 5000 police agencies world-wide choosing Martel Electronics to be there equipment providers, we have the expertise you need. The system comprises of a large LCD screen for monitoring the interview. Alongside is a small 5-inch touchscreen which allows you to record, stop play, burn video DVD's and index mark spots for later review. You can even add a second camera for a suspect close up to gauge the expressions on their faces. The second camera appears in the lower right-hand screen in Picture-In-Picture mode, which can be turned on and off at the discretion of the detectives. The third part is a DVD video burner built right into the large screen. The unit records directly to a USB thumb drive. The drive may be removed and the file downloaded to a workstation for archiving.  Along with each system, we offer handcrafted custom-built hidden digital thermostat cameras that look extremely realistic and have 750 lines of resolution. We also have HD has hidden interrogation room cameras. These are the highest quality interview room cameras being manufactured today. We offer them in a smoke detector disguise housing and also dome interview cameras that have officer hand remotes to pan and tilt and zoom in. We even offer a child forensic room recording system with over the ear wireless communications for talking to detectives in real time to get the questions asked correctly. Finally, and most important, the interview room microphones. We include concealed microphones to the most exacting law enforcement specifications. We know that high quality video for an interview room is important. However, the audio recording is most critical to getting justice. We offer pressure, zoom microphones, which are specifically tuned for voice and incorporate noise canceling features. We pair it with a phantom powered audio processor, so the audio is always at the correct level and you won’t have any low voices that are too soft or over modulated loud voices. These interview microphones are concealed in your choice of wall, steel plates that look like ventilation accesses or ceiling mounts. You can even run the cables 100 feet without any signal degradation. We are the world leader in police interview/interrogation room recording equipment. Give us a call and we can customize a solution for your department.  Call 714-313-1300 and ask for Greg


LX Solid State Digital Removable USB Thumb Drive Recorder with touch screen control console, powered speaker system and studio headphones

LX II systems feature a removable USB hard drive that records your interviews directly.

LXM (Stereo) interview room Microphone System: Two wall or ceiling mounts PZM microphones, stereo preamp/Audio processor, power supply and two 50’ XLR balanced audio cables,  Color DSP 750- line camera in PIR or Smoke Detector disguise housing with power supply and 50’ video/DC cable

Uninterruptible Power Supply

One Year Factor Warranty: Parts and labor (Extendable to six years)

LX Solid State Digital Recorder with touch screen control console, powered speaker system and studio headphones

LXM (Mono) Microphone System: Wall or ceiling mount PZM microphone, pre-amp/ compressor, power supply and 50’ balanced audio cable

LXC Color DSP 750-line camera in PIR or Smoke Detector disguise housing, power supply and 50’ video/DC cable

Uninterruptible Power Supply

One Year Factor Warranty: Parts and labor (Extendable to six years)

6 Models of Police Interview Room Recording Equipment Complete Systems to Choose From: Learn More


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Product Reviews

  1. Simple police interview room recording systems 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jul 2015

    Soo easy to use. Thats all I have to say. Compared to the windows interview room software recorder nightmare we had before, this one is a winner. Everyone at the station can use it. I do not have to train people on how to use it. Perfect!

  2. Interrogation Rooms - Surveillance Equipment and packages/systems 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jul 2015

    Our agency now has 2 of the LX systems. They are so easy to setup and use. The interview room equipment came to us pre assemble, all we did was plug few cables in and hit record. The touchscreen lets even a non technical person work the video system. All you have to do is press record, stop and hit the burn button and in a few minutes you have a dvd disc that can be played on any dvd player or computer. No complicated software no detective can work or understand. The best part of the package is that it was all made from one manufacturer not cobbled together from different manufacturers. The bose speakers are really sweet for watching the evidence afterwards. All in all this is a superior interview room recording equipment.

  3. Tips for hiding/concealing microphones in interrogation rooms 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Oct 2014

    I can not tell you where I got this special information but its been trail and error for many years in law enforcement. So you need to put microphones in the interview room. First mistake you have bought battery powered microphones not for surveillance. Next you have bought off the shelf cctv audio kits that have a high noise gate. That means there is allot of hiss in the recordings. Stop right there. Why did you get this LX system I did and it has everything you need in the audio and video package. The audio has 2 perfectly concealed ceiling or wall mount pressure microphones, that are 48 volts phantom powered. What is that, its means they are powered by AC not batteries and are always on ready to catch a confession. Next the system comes with adjustable microphone gains and a limiter or ceiling gate. That is la-mans terms mean you can not overload the microphones if the suspect or perp starts yelling. I wish they would have made interrogation LX system 15 years ago.

  4. Police Interview Recorder 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jul 2014

    Police Interview Recording is just a camera and a microphone connected to a dvd recorder. Thats what I though until I researched a Police Interview System. Police Interview Recording System definition is allot more complicated. First of all the systems I looked at first where all software based. Thats problem since my detectives cant work a computer. Police Interrogation Recorder needs to be easy to use and simple to make a evidence dvd copy. Thats why we chose the LX Digital Police Interview Recorder Equipment. Its been the most reliable piece of equipment in my agency.

  5. The FBI uses the LX interview 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jul 2014

    The FBI uses the LX interview room recording system, that good enough for our department.

  6. Police interrogation room recording systems\equipment 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jun 2014

    Our police department has been researching a interrogation room video recording system. We looked at complicated interview room recording software and they were expensive and hard to operate. We were lucky to find this easy to use system. The interviews are recorded onto a USB thumb drive. They are organized by time and date and detectives name. We can burn the DVD directly onto the LX system or we can pull the USB thumb drive and move them onto our server. This is the perfect blend of convenience and reliability we needed. The touchscreen is simple for the officer to use just record and stop. When we learned that the FBI approved and bought this system is was a no brainer. We now have 3 LX systems and they work every time. Let liberty reign.

  7. after reading the FBI uses this interrogation room equipment we had to get them 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jun 2014

    We were deciding between the Interview room recording software specifically to capture and record interrogations/interviews police and other law enforcement agencies and a stand alone solution such as the LX system. The cases we normally record as the felonies. So we tried the software solutions and none of our detectives could even work the software pc systems. I did some more research and found the LX interview recording equipment. Then we tested it and it was so easy to record and burn dvd right on the spot. Once I learned that the FBI uses the LX system I was sold.

  8. interview room cameras 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jun 2014

    Im so glad I found this digital thermostat for our police department. Its so professional looking that the suspects don't even know its a camera. The HD video thats coming from the imager is amazing. Combined with the DVD\Sd memory card recording of the video files makes this system a great choice for all agencies. The LX police interview room equipment made our
    interrogation room so simple for our officers to work. I would recommend this interrogation room design to every agency big or small.

  9. Since I found out that the FBI uses the LX interview room system I know do also 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jun 2014

    I got a quote last year and have eagerly awaited our budget to change so can could get the LX interview recording system. Our interrogation room system was old and we had to use tapes. Greg helped me design our new interrogation room with two interview microphones a concealed customized digital thermostat and a close up camera and a larger room shot camera. We are all set now and the officer love to use it because its simple. I will definitely be showing it to all the agencies around us.

  10. This interview room recording system has the best audio 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jun 2014

    the interview room microphones that came with this recording system are excellent. We have had a pc police interview room system before and it was hard to use. We had to waite for it to convert the video files and it took way too long. This unit I just hit the touchscreen to record and then I hit the burn to dvd button and its done. Way to go LX.

  11. Turkey POLICE INTERVIEW ROOM EQUIPMENT made Simple, 7/7/2010 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th May 2014

    I recently recommended you police interview room equipment to our local department. I have used your courtroom recorder and its great so I told our police department about your interview room equipment and now they love it also. You make great products for courts and police departments. Keep up the good work.

  12. Learn more about police interview room equipment here I did., 1/5/2010 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th May 2014

    I have been searching to buy a police interview room equipment with a dvd recorder for over a year now. The Lx police interview room recorder is perfect for my law agency. I love the touchscreen and there is no pc needed. Its a stand alone dvd recorder with hidden camera and hidden microphone.

  13. Police interview room recording equipment sole source, 12/29/2009 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th May 2014

    This is the worlds only police interview room recording equipment built and designed for the sole purpose of police interviews. The system makes a playable dvd right in the unit. the interview room is equipment is hidden in a room so the suspect cant see the cameras or interview room mics also known as microphones. The police interview room dvd makes a high quality recording and burns it directly to a dvd with out a pc or computer. Perfect for law enforcement agencies and federal law enforcement agencies.


    Posted by on 7th May 2014

    I have bought this package for our interview rooms in the past and they are perfect. Its a total turnkey interview room kit with microphones, cables and hidden camera. The best part of the police interview room equipment is that everything is included down to every screw we needed. I didn't have to buy or go anywhere else. The interview room microphone is so clear now that we can hear even whispers int the room. The special information I was given is that the FBI is now using them in their police interview room.

  15. How we use the Police interview equipment, 1/22/2011 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th May 2014

    We have 1 of these police interview room recorders. It put the interview room microphone in the roof tile and we have perfect suspect audio. We have burned a number of DVD and the video is perfect. We also bought the interview room camera thermostat with high resolution camera. The view of the suspect is great and the video evidence stands up in the courtroom. I would recommend this dvd interview room recorder. It only took us 15 minutes to set up. Using it is a breeze.