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Legal Video Deposition Audio Equipment Package - for Court Reporters

  • Exclusive Legal video deposition microphones and mixer package 2018
  • Martel Court Reporter Legal video bundle microphone mixer plugs directly into camcorder so simple
  • legal video deposition cart recording equipment hard case included
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Court Reporters Turnkey Legal Audio Deposition Cart/Kit with special lavaliere microphones and audio mixer.  An easy All N One Solution for recording legal video depositions. We provide everything except the camcorder. Camcorder sold Separately.

New Feature: Micro Cable for the lavaliere microphones. One of the biggest complaints legal videographers have had in the past is the large XLR microphone cables, tugging on a mans ties, and women's expensive shirts. The old fashioned cables weigh a ton and had large metal xlr connectors, which made it worse. In the Martel legal audio deposition package, you get our exclusive micro cable that does not have a heavy connector on it, tugging on your clothes. In fact the Martel professional lavalieres do not have a connector until 22 feet away from them. This allows for a high level of comfort for the person wearing it, putting people in a more relaxed frame of mind.

We provide the most complicated part of the depositions systems, the microphones and the mixer that make it audio perfect. So whats in our package see below. The package has enough microphones to record 42 lawyers and witness at one time in one room. More than anyone will ever need. 

  • 6 - of one of the worlds best professional lavaliere\lapel microphones (THAT DO NOT NEED BATTERIES, ENSURING RELIABLE AUDIO) designed to work with any camcorder.
  • 2 - Professional super conference microphone for large legal video depositions
  • 1 - Small but power ac powered audio mixer that powers all the microphones with batteries 
  • all special custom connection cables are provide. 
  • Professional Black Carrying case that protects all your amazing audio equipment from Martel 
  • Package is totally Turnkey all you will need is a Professional Camcorder 

The key to making great legal video depositions is not the camcorder, they are almost all excellent at this point in 2018, the real secrete is the microphones and mixer. That is where Martel can provide the microphone package that will make you a expert

For years now Court Reporters have been asking us for a simple, portable, custom audio deposition recording equipment kit that can be setup and broken down quickly from home to the job site.  We have the answer. We have done all the hard work of finding a professional touchscreen, video recorder with the time and date stamp, and more. Martel has put together a turnkey video deposition cart that even a novice court reporter could use and easily charge $125 an hour, just like your fellow legal videographers. 

Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) are Court Reporters use video equipment to record  legal video depositions. Legal Videographers are often are court reporters who provide video and transcripts. 

Portable audio Deposition Audio Recording Solution Allow for 2 weeks delivery custom made legal deposition microphones and mixer. 

The deposition package kit will help generate more clients and create new revenue streams for your agency by offering affordable, audio recording as a component of your court reporting services. You will be significantly more competitive in project bidding, because you won’t have to factor in the professional videographer… you are using your own equipment. Shipped as a complete, easy to transport kit, the kit requires little or no training or support to set-up and operate. Features like time/date/user metadata overlay, and simple one touch operation, make the recorder the perfect turnkey solution for legal video documentation.

Legal videographer records a deposition and court videographer, is responsible for utilizing equipment to record digital images for civil court related cases. 

Want to Know more about this exciting opportunity? Email law@martelelectronics.com 

A legal video deposition court reporter is a recession-resistant one. 

In today's court system there is a huge increase in lawsuits. This means an increased demand for Court Reporters and legal video professionals. This is the ideal business for Court Reporters who have hand injuries, or just want to add a different skill to their tool box.

You can offer legal video and transcripts that puts your Court Reporting Company in the lead.

Video Depositions: Essentials, resources, we have it all for the busy court reporter. If you are going to do it yourself, or hire a friend we can help pick the right equipment. 

The Truth is, legal video depositions only require a simple camcorder with time stamp and professional microphones. We have picked all the right equipment for you, and put it into a  simple package.

Let us help you make an informed decision. The vale of mystery about the legal video depositions is a myth. The large expensive equipment is there just to put on a show for the lawyers. Don't be fooled.

Legal Video Equipment Package Includes:

  • 6 Tie Clip microphones also known as lapel microphones that can be clipped to shirts

  • 2 - Professional super conference microphone for large legal video depositions

  •  microphone cables

  • Hard Shell Professional carry case

  • Professional Camcorder not included but we will tell you which one to buy for your budget

Compatible Camcorders:

  • Cannon Camcorders
  • Sony Camcorders
  • JVC Camcorders 
  • Panasonic Camcorders - Panasonic HC-X1000 4K DCI/Ultra HD/Full HD Camcorder with Time Stamp for Legal Video Depositions Exclusive information for Court Reporters 

Court Reporting and Legal video deposition rates

Video deposition equipment. What is a video deposition? Need video deposition tips? We have video deposition rules, and video deposition services. Want to get video deposition certification and need video deposition meaning, we can help.

Court Reporters Legal Video Deposition Equipment kit
Legal video Deposition cart for Court Reporters
All N ONE Legal video deposition recording package
Court reporter legal video deposition cart
Legal video Deposition equipment audio microphone mixer connection to camera
Legal Video recording deposition Microphone mixer for lapel microphones and conference microphones


  • Martel Professional Portable audio mixer inputs that can be adjusted
  • 6 - Professional Micro High Perforamce Lapel Tie Clip microphones also known as lapel microphones that can be clipped to shirts
  • 2- Professional Conference microphone for table top
  • 1 Ac Adapter for powering the mixer & microphones
  • Professional Carrying Case
  • Instruction manual
  • 4 - 20 feet microphone cables
  • All Accessories are included
  • Ready to use the first day, Telephone support included
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