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Legal Official Dictation Recorder

  • Official Dictation Recorder with superior features for lawyers
  • Dictation recorder package for legal and lawyers
Official Dictation Recorder
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The launch Legal Official Dictation Recorder is a perfect solution for lawyers who need a start, stop, rewind dictation recorder. Even though its a digital dictation machine it acts like a tape recorder. Its really a one of a kind unit. So if you are searching to buy dictation equipment with the same form and function that you are accustom to using, we have the answer. Its quick and easy to get up and running. The dictation software app allows you to tell the recorder how to disperse the dictation file out for transcribing. If you need a digital transcriber we would recommend the All N One transcription software with infinity USB2 foot pedal for your secretary.  

More than just a unique in the world dictation recorder:

We have packaged this dictation machine with a powerful array of features, such as rewind, record over, insert and append. These unique specifications allow you to decide how to edit on the go without breaking your concentrate if you are working a legal case.  The device records to a standard SD card and can be manually removed and handed to a secretary for transcription.  If you have a local LAN computer network the dictation files can be routed to a specific folder either on the network or someone pc or mac.  That is a really important fact this is MAC dictation recorder as well a pc compatible machine. Let us now imagine you as a lawyer travel for a living, and you are in hotels allot of the time. Lawyer need a dictation recorder enhanced to their special needs. dictation management software app we supply with this recorder gives you the option to email the files back to you law office or business without adding a extra step in the process. You just connect the dictaphone machine to the computer and the dictation software will chose the current files and email them to a preordained email address for transcription. You can only buy the Official Dictation Recorder Package from Martel, its our exclusive design. 

More and More Lawyers are chosing Martel's unique Dictation equipment solutions.

Over 3000 law firms are now relying on Martel’s highly advanced digital dictation recorder packages. Sine their introduction 5 years ago, the Perfect Lawyers dictation package has been the #1 dictation recorder for law firms. We have followed it up with allot of solutions for lawyers since then. We have added digital dictation recorders that do not connect to computers ensuring none of the evidence can be put on the internet. This has been a big concern for district attorneys that are working on sensitive cases. Another group that is concerned about security is grand juries who meet in secret to prosecute criminals. Martel has brought a real solution for attorneys looking to ensure their data never leaves their offices. The next level of advancement for lawyers is adding speech recognition to their dictation systems. We have added Dragon voice recognition kits to some of our packages in 2015. 


Now that optimization you can only find on the Official Dictation Recorder.  If you want to learn more about how lawyers use digital dictation recorders please read our information pages. 

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