We carry all of the transcription headsets for PCs and tape-based transcription systems. We have allot of different models and styles in stock, from inexpensive to high quality headsets.  

If you are looking for the hard to find professional transcription headphones, we have them all. With the largest supply of original headsets of the internet we can custom fit any transcriber. If you are a Court Reporter, Scopist or a medical transcription, Martel has the right headset for you. We carry Philips Professional Dictation machines, Olympus Professional Dictaphone machines, recorders and Martel’s exclusive line of dictation/transcription recorders

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  • Martel DE36 Stethoscope Transcription Headset

    DP-36 Plastic Stethoscope Transcription Headset

    Martel Electronics

    Sale Price $39.99
    If you prefer the stethoscope style headset and are using a Dictaphone brand transcriber, the DP36 is the only one currently made.  The dual tubing is made of plastic and the earpieces fit snugly inside your ear canal. The 2 prong Dictaphone brand...
    Sale Price $39.99
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    Sale Price $39.99
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