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Government Crash-Cam for Fleet Cars with Dual Cameras Event Crash Recorder

  • Government Crash-Cam for Fleet Cars with Dual Cameras Event Crash Recorder
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The Government HD Fleet Dash Camera Crash-Cam is a small 2 camera video recorder that is recording all the time in case of an accident in a fleet Government vehicle.

The driver recorder Crash-cam is specially designed for Government cars. It has a camera facing out the front windows and a separate camera facing out of the rear window of the fleet car. This is the only official Government dual camera event recorder with HD cameras with extension cables for separate recording. The HD videos are recorded in a solid-state SDHC memory card. You can turn off and on the cabin audio if you do not want any audio recordings. 


 Front and rear facing cameras are recorded in a small, easy to install and simple to operate package.  The DVR has a record remote that makes starting recording easy and fast. You can record cars or people with the push of the remote. It can record as long as the SD card has space. The video is High definition for license plates and cars, faces are easily identified. The next generation of car event recorders for Government fleet vehicles is here now. 

 Drive Camera event video recorder features:

  • Recording is triggered in the event of a crash, or manually with panic button remote
  • The entire system is integrated into one rugged Water resistant housing
  • Red LEDs provide visual device status inside or outside the vehicle
  • Rear-facing camera that can be mounted to look at the back of the vehicle windows for a rear collision 

Perfect DVR Event Recorder for other Government vehicle applications:

  • Government boats
  • Coast Guard boat and vehicles
  • Water related vehicles
  • Motorcycles for the military or other services
  • Boarder Patrol trucks and vehicles
  • ATV vehicles
  • Fork Lifts or heavy lifting equipment for the Government
  • Will work for almost all cars and motorized vehicles 
  • Video Event Data Recorder (VEDR)
DVR Event recorder designed for Government Fleet Cars & installation:

Easy Installation & Operation. The Crash-Cam installs easily by mounting directly on the windshield or visor. The compact and rugged water resistant construction provides
Unobstructed views for the driver and requires no modification of the dashboard or headliner, making it simple to deploy on any Government vehicle in the fleet.


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