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Easy Wireless Meeting Recorder with 2 Wireless Microphones for recording conferences

  • Wireless Meeting Recorder with 2 Wireless Microphones for recording conferences
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This has to be the simplest wireless meeting voice recorder in the world. It has two wireless microphones that are small,(little bit bigger than a credit card) that can be dropped anywhere in your meeting room to record voices.

The wireless conference microphones have a 10 hour rechargeable battery life. So you can record all day if you like. The Record has simple record, play buttons for starting and stopping the recordings.

This is the perfect recorder if you want to not have any cables running around you meeting room or conference table. Setting up is easy. place the recorder on the table, plug in the supplied ac adapter or you can run the record on AA batteries. Next, turn on the wireless conference microphones and hit record. That is it. 

Wireless Conference microphones have a microphone with a 24 feet pick up range in a circular pattern.  

What this means if there is a speaker or persons within 24 feet of the wireless microphone they will be recorded on the digital recorder. 

Package includes:

  • DM430 Easy Meeting Recorder
  • 2 Professional Wireless Conference Microphones 
  • 2 USB Charging cables for the wireless meeting microphone 
  • 1 AC wall charger for the wireless conference microphones 
  • 16 Gigabyte SD Memory Card (100 hours of recording time)
  • AC Adapter power supply
  • Manual 

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  • We can login into your computer and set it up if you need help.
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