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DVD Video Transcription Software

  • DVD Transcription Software 2018 edition
  • Government/Corporate multiple licenses for the DVD transcription software
  • Video transcription software foot pedal
FREE for orders over $49


We can't say it enough to our Customers......EASY, SIMPLE, NO READING REQUIRED TO USE OUR DVD TRANSCRIBER!!! 
Plus, Only One Version. We wrote the DVD software perfect from the beginning. No Confusing Updates or Multiple Versions needed!!!

The All N' One DVD Transcription Software Only does not include USB Foot pedal or Headset. Worlds only DVD Transcription Software kit.
This DVD transcription software comes with 2 licenses.

Simply install on the typists computer and began transcribing just like you would on a old transcriber. Worlds only Video Transcriber. Playback can be controlled using the a usb foot pedal.  This computer transcriber application features variable speed playback (speed up or down), foot pedal operation, file management and more. With these goals in mind, we believe we have produced the best package with the features needed for PC based DVD Transcription today. The dvd transcription software is compatible with Windows xp, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, NEW.  If you have a infinity USB2 foot pedal this software is compatible with this pedal. 


Multiple Site licenses Available fill out the quote form here

Worlds Only DVD Transcription Kit.
Features Include:

▪Ability to play most Video file formats.
▪ Ability to Adjust the speed of the video, slow down or speed up
▪Ability to most Audio files
▪Variable Speed (constant pitch) playback.
▪3 Function Foot Pedal (FF/Rew/Play)
▪Ultra-Comfortable Stetho headset
▪Adjustable Backspace for Foot Pedal
▪Tone / Volume Controls 
Variable speed playback (constant pitch).
▪Works with Microsoft Word and all major word-processor applications.
▪Ability to play most video file formats 
Loads CD audio directly - listen as it loads in the background. DVD transcription software
▪Speed Bar:


New Features!

You can Adjust the speed of the video up and down..
▪Book Marks:
You can also add book Marks. these are points you can jump back to at any given time, instantly.
▪Back Space:
Also set up the auto back space which adjust how far the foot pedal will go back when you lift your foot.
Simple easy controls. Don't worry you cant get lost in our simple, easy, Worlds only DVD Transcription kit.
Free 800 Tech Support even though you wont need it.


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