DVD Partner in car Police Camera System

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The DVD PARTNER Police Car Camera video system is the most revolutionary digital police in-car video system in the world.

Direct-to-DVD-Video police in car camera. Combining ultra-high quality video and audio with the ability to output a playable DVD. Don't be dragged into buying multiple servers and back end software. The DVD Partner police car camera can automatically burn a playable DVD right in the vehicle.

THE DVD PARTNER records directly to a DVD inside the police car. The DVD can be played on any regular DVD player. This is the worlds only Solid State Police Mobile DVD video recording system. NO HARD DRIVES to error or crash. Advancement in technology allows the video system to burn the DVD as the video records. There's no need for hours of Video Trans coding for a computer. Simple and Direct.

You can burn DVD's while you drive.

Records Directly onto a standard DVD. Get up to 8.5 Hours of recording time on a single DVD. All DVDs recorded on the DVD Partner play back on normal every day DVD players like the one you have at home. This is simply the best solution for replacing your old VHS systems.

The DVD Partner is the most significant police car camera system since VHS was introduced in the 1970s. No computer required. DVD's technology is the standard for court evidence. "Direct-to-DVD-Video" police car video system that records directly onto a dvd in the police car.

The video recorded in the car is exactly the same as that shown in court. Police car camera systems can maintain the Chain of Custody and helps prevent the possibility of evidence being deemed inadmissible.

NO SPECIAL DVD discs are REQUIRED. The DVD PARTNER can record to the following types of disc: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW.

Available in 2 Versions - 1 piece overhead and 2 piece module system for universal mounting into any vehicle.

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