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Digital Courtroom Recording Package DCRP - Court Recording System

  • Digital Courtroom Recording Equipment Package
  • Digital Courtroom Recording Equipment Package
  • Digital Courtroom recording kit
  • Courtroom recording equipment package exclusive
  • Ac adapter plug
  • Overview of the courtroom recorder
  • head phone inputs for monitoring meeting recordings
  • Courtroom recorder side view with microphone inputs 2 channel/track
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Need to outfit a courtroom with professional recording equipment, but you're on a budget? The Digital Courtroom Recording Package fills this role perfectly. It includes 4 professional uni-directional microphones with microphone cables, letting you space the microphones out around as needed. Also, is the All N One Transcription Kit for transcribing the audio files with a foot pedal as well as 2 SDHC memory cards, card reader.  The DCRP also time\date stamps the audio file, ensuring that you have the correct evidence when you need to prove it. 

The Total Solution for Recording and Transcribing in a Courtroom or a Conference room.

The DCRP is unique, as it's the only recorder that finalizes as it records. You see, most recorders will lose your entire recording if there is a power outage (batteries die) or if there is a memory card error. The Conference Recorder does not, everything is saved up to the point where the recording stops.

Bonus Case

Learning from the shortcomings of the PMD671, the PMD661MKII was engineered to be much more user-friendly than its predecessor. Court Reporters years after year requested that one feature be added to the Marantz PMD671 to make their lives easier. A rewind for read-backs.

The Digital Court Room Package (DCPR) allows for easy rewinding and playback for whenever a quick read-backs is needed. Simply hit the stop button and hold down the rewind for a few seconds then hit play. You will instantly be able to hear what was just spoken. No more setting index marks, or fast forwarding from the beginning, like the PMD671 did.

This rugged and compact stereo digital recorder uses memory cards that provide hours of reliable solid-state digital recording. Highly reliable solid-state memory cards contain no moving parts and are impervious to temperature and shock.

This recorder is a favorite of courts.

120Volt to 240Volt power supply included

Complete Courtroom Recording System Package Includes:

  • Professional, Marantz PMD661 MKII Digital Recorder
  1. (1) 8 Gigabyte SDHC cards
  2. (4) Professional court room microphones
  3. (4) 10 feet (ca. 305 cm) insulated XLR microphone cable
  4. (4) Heavy-duty microphones stand and clamps
  5. (1) Digital transcription kit with software, foot pedal, and headset
  6. (1) SDHC flash card reader for downloading to the computer.
  7. (2) XLR Y Cable Splitters
  8. (1) All N One Audio Digital Transcriber with USB Foot Pedal and Comfortable Transcription Headset

What makes a Courtroom Recording equipment different from a regular voice recorder?

What is a “Solid State Recorder?”
Solid State recorder refers to the technology and memory that the Digital Courtroom Recorder package utilizes. The Digital Courtroom Recorder package records to non-volatile type memories such as Compact Flash Cards. This means that your digital audio is preserved in memory until the files are removed from the card. Any of the files that are recorded onto these cards in the Digital Courtroom Recorder package cannot be recorded over, either. This is often times referred to as Military Specifications.  

What are some applications for this type of recorder?
There are many applications that this recorder belongs in. Because of the Digital Courtroom Recorder package’s ability to record 16bit/48kHz HD quality audio - film recorders, broadcasters, natural sound gatherers, and birders will love its portability and ease of use. On the other hand the compressed audio files that result in long term recordings are great for meeting recording, court reporting, seminar recorders, school board meetings, and government and municipality applications that require audio logging of their typically long meetings.

What kind of file formats can the Digital Courtroom Recorder package record in?
The Digital Courtroom Recorder package can record in PCM WAV file (finishing in a .wav).

How easy is it to start recording on the Digital Courtroom Recorder package?
Simple. Out of the box, the Digital Courtroom Recorder package is set to record in mono at 32kbps/44.1kHz MP3 files. First, plug in the unit either using the supplied AC adapter, 8 AA batteries in the supplied battery holder, or one of the recommended rechargeable batteries. Then turn on the unit, and slide the record button to the right.

Can I listen to the recorded audio directly on the Digital Courtroom Recorder package?

The Digital Courtroom Recorder package has a built-in speaker or headphone output that will play back any audio previously recorded. You can also use these to monitor while you are recording. The built-in speaker will automatically shut off, if the internal microphone is the selected input, to avoid recording any feedback. In this instance, you can monitor the recording through the headphone output. If you elect to use any of the other inputs to record, the speaker will be active in the absence of headphones.

What can I do with the audio once it has been recorded?
There are many things you can do with audio that has been recorded on the Digital Courtroom Recorder package. First of all, you can listen back to recordings through the built-in speaker or headphone output to see what is on the card. You can transfer the audio files directly to your computer using the supplied computer I/O cable and a USB port on your computer. This, is of course, considerably more advantageous because of the accelerated rate that data can be transferred. Once the files are on your PC you can transcribe them, email them to another person, or burn them to a CD for archiving.  


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    Product Reviews

    1. Buy a courtroom recording system DCRP and enjoy the simple life 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 16th Jul 2014

      The Courtroom recording equipment system including the latest software. The buttons are just like a tape recorder and I was ready to use it right out of the box. The DCRP courtroom recording system is unique because its not a computer-based digital audio and video capture and management. Court transcribers can play back audio using the transcription software kit with usb foot pedal. All in all its 1/3 of the price of the courtroom recording software system solutions. They wanted thousands of dollars and it goes up from there. I would highly recommend the DCRP courtroom recoding system. Oh, one more thing the DCRP records in super high quality audio files which make it a enjoyable transcription situation.

    2. When I learned that the JAG courtrooms use this package for their courts I bought a system 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 5th Jul 2014

      Not only JAG naval courtrooms where using this system but other courtrooms in the area where using them. It seemed to good to be true I could get all the equipment for such a great price and I did not have to put all the accessories together myself. I do not have allot of experience so I am so happy to find a kit that all inclusive. The sound files and the courtroom microphones are perfect.

    3. The best courtroom recording equipment is also the least expensive 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 2nd Jun 2014

      I know this package doesn't cost $20,000 but you do not need that kind of courtroom recording software to get a perfect audio copy of a proceeding. What I mean is that this system is easy and cost effect to run. The sound is much better than you can record with a computer and its very reliable. I have now 3 courtroom recording systems from Martel and I highly recommend them since they are the court recording professionals.

    4. Courtroom recording system equipment versus pc courtroom recording software 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 3rd May 2014

      The biggest difference between the stand alone courtroom recording systems and the software packages is the price and reliability. The stand alone units like the Digital Courtroom Recording Package from Martel are highly reliable and do not run on windows. Windows operating system is the wild card in this equation. Virus, spam protection and a great IT department are needed if you get a courtroom recording software system. Plus we did not have the money to hire a IT guy to run the software so we chose the DM246 just like many other courts and the Federal Government.