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DC3 Police in-Car Camera System

  • Police car cameras
  • Police Car Camera Revolutionary system
  • DC3 Police Car Camera
  • Police dashcam
  • Police car Camera Automatic Hands Free Wireless Uploading from the Police Car to the Police Station.
  • Police Dash Camera
  • Police Car Wireless Microphone Transmitter
  • Mounting Options for the Police Car Camera system DC3, Mounted on visor or down on console
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The Martel DC6 HD police car camera system is one of the most popular systems for law enforcement in the world.

The new Martel police in-car Camera DC6 HD + AI system has arrived.  The most advanced police car camera system on the Planet!
No one can hide anymore with Martel's Artificial Intelligence!

Records in HD 1280 x 720P
2 Cameras Front & Rear
Wireless video uploading of video and images from the car to the Station with Wireless Transferring 
DC6 V1 $2999.99 

The DC6 HD is designed to exceed the US Military standard MIL810G. The system consists of 2 pieces, a small zoom camera and a touchscreen DVR. This makes it one of the smallest and easiest ways for police departments to record dash cam videos in the car. The latest wireless uploading video technology is incorporated into it, so the camera can upload and download videos via a 802.11AC private network. Once the police car comes close to the police station, the videos come off the cars DC6 HD to the police server almost instantaneously.

With a price under $3000 for a complete in-car camera police system, it's wildly affordable. 

  • In-car Video Camera Systems for Police & Law Enforcement that make it possible for police departments to defend themselves. 
  • New Wireless Police Car Camera video uploading/Downloading. The Martel DC6 HD Digital Cruisers are 802.11 wireless video file transfer enabled. No laptop or mobile data, computer required for transferring. The police car camera system uses an add on kit that will allow hands free transfers from the police car to the police station with no officer involvement. The cruiser simply pulls up to the station and the encrypted automatic transfer begins once it connects to the police station network.
  • Touch Screen Controls like the Apple iPhone. No old fashion buttons. To protect your police video, there is no mirror mounting that is easy for a suspect to tear off and steal after assaulting an officer. No old fashion heavy trunk mounting.
  • Visor mounted for safety. Locked steel vault for maximum police video protection and chain of evidence integrity.
  • The Martel DC6 HD Digital Cruiser records directly to Solid State Secure Digital (SDHC) cards. A 128 Gigabyte SDHC card can hold 300 hours of recording time.
  • Police car camera event tagging lets you tag each stop with an appropriate label. These event tags are customization for each police camera system to match your law enforcement agencies unique needs.
  • Digital in car radar interfacing. Shown on your display and on the police video is the target speed, the speed of the cruiser and direction of the target. Speed Limit Triggering enables you to set a speed limit that will turn on the video system and begin recording.
  • Drivers License Reader. Swipe a suspects driver license and their personal information is immediately put on screen and recorded on the police video. Info such as address, birth date, height, weight and eye color is shown.
  • Our Police Camera Video Management Software lets you burn a 2 hour video to a playable DVD for court in less than 5 minutes. The World's Fastest.
  • Mount design fits any police vehicle!
  • Each Martel DC6 HD Digital Cruiser police car camera system is assembled by an American Engineer and individually signed by them as a symbol of pride.
  • License Plate Auto Zoom. Simply push the ZOOM button on the touch screen and the police camera instantly zooms in on the suspect vehicle's license plate, focuses for 3 seconds, then zooms out. An industry first.
  • Change officer ID's on the police camera system by inserting a swiping touchscreen. This allows a law enforcement department to hot seat the vehicle.
  • 2.4GHz Police Officer, Digital Wireless Microphone - 40 digital channels allows dozens of systems to operate in close proximity without interference.
  • Pre Event Recording - Capture up to 2 minutes of video before you activate the police video system. Easily document probable cause and eliminate racial profiling claims. It's like having your own personal time machine that vouches for you.
  • Wireless Microphone, Auto Activation - the DC6 HD automatically turns on the wireless microphone you wear whenever the system is activated. Likewise the microphone activates the police video system. Never again have to worry about not getting that important audio recording.
  • Solid State Technology - The DC6 HD Camera System is completely solid state. No moving parts. Nothing to break down or wear out. No hard drives, no spinning disc or DVD burners. Testing has shown us that this is the only way to have a digital video system in a police car last longer than 6 months without service.
  • Easy to learn 3 button operation. Record, Play, Auto Zoom.
  • Record Over Protection - Officers can play back video they've recorded, but cannot delete or rewrite over them. Give a solid case to your District Attorney.
  • Built to withstand Temperatures from -40 Fahrenheit to 190+ Fahrenheit without a heater or cooling fans.
  • Built to military standards. The DC6 HD Police Cam can withstand 50Gs of shock, ensuring survival of your video recording in case of a collision.
  • On screen indicators show "W" when your wireless microphone is activated, "L" for light bar and "B" for brakes.
  • Supervisor Controls - Lockable SDHC card door protects the integrity of the video from tampering.
  • Optional GPS shows on screen coordinates and speed of the police cruiser.
  • You can have 2 officers, wireless microphone systems in our DC6 HD Police Car Camera system.
  • If the DC6 HD Police Camera System is damaged or destroyed, all recordings are safe. All files have been written and finalized on the memory card up to the point of destruction. Most other in-car camera systems require finalization of the file at the end of the officer's shift risking a complete loss of the recordings.
  • Linux based operating firmware - all programming on the DC6 HD police car camera system is Linux based, so there are no worries of Windows crashes and blue screen errors.
  • Optional Digital Video Evidence Manager software - Searches and plays videos, allowing you to sort by time, date, officer name and badge number, etc. Add notes for evidence and quickly burn DVD's for court evidence.
  • Download your police videos from the Secure Digital (SDHC) card using the included USB-2 card reader onto your computer, then erase the card for reuse. 
  • 3 Year Warranty Parts and Labor. Maintenance free usage.
  • The only Digital Police in-car Video System on the market today rated by the Military.

In-Car Camera Can Be a Police Officers' Guardian Angel

In the field a police officer uses their training to assess crime. The officer spends most of their time patrolling the highways, arresting criminals and saving lives of others.

With the aid of an in-car video system, you can remember exactly how a crime scene looked and felt. It's very hard for a police officer to recall what is said days later from an incident. The car camera system will let the officer review the footage to get all the facts correct.

This is really important now days, with a friendlier police community based department trying to stay away from physical incidents while on duty. Community policing has some great opportunities for law enforcement. The biggest is the ability to ask the community and politicians for funding for police car cameras. The agency now has a way to track their interactions with citizens and prove that they made an accurate arrest. One of the advantages will make itself known quickly, racial profiling claims will be dealt with in an efficient timely manner now that video is involved. There are way too many complaints about officers pulling over suspects based on color or ethnicity. Once the video footage from the in-car camera system is reviewed, the supervisors can make a decision on the conduct of the officer.

True to form, we find that the police car video cameras place accountability on officers who are not conducting themselves in a professional manner according to the state guidelines. Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, and District Attorneys can watch video recordings from the car camera recording systems on a timely basis to review the officers, helping ensure a better police department.

Here is a complete list of the perks a police car camera has to offer agencies:

1. Protects the officer and the police department against false accusations.

2. An intact chain of custody for, the evidence to be turned into the district attorney

3. The car camera footage helps officers improve safety

4. The police department can standardize conduct and make policy changes by using the police in-car cameras

5. Officers will feel protected by the dash-cam system re-enforcing their side of the incident

6. The in-car video camera footage can be released to the public, showing full transparency and avoiding conflict with citizens groups

7. Easy management of video evidence, stored in a central safe location

8. The lower court cost of defending the agency against law suits

9. Greater convictions of DUI and criminals, because the video evidence is so definitive

10. So the training of beginner cops using the in car video cameras can correct mistakes made by training cadets.

11. All Studies point to one conclusion, that the use of police dash camera systems eliminates complaints

The major study published by the International Association of Police Chiefs states that 94% of all complaints against officers are dismissed at the front desk if there is an in-car video camera involved.

A whole host of complaints against police officers goes away when the suspects learned that the officer's vehicle was equipped with a digital police dash camera system. This video evidence can certify a ticket or an arrest. 

With a larger and every increasing amount of police car video cameras coming online in the 2015 year ending, just over 60% of the police departments utilize digital camera systems. The in car cameras will be becoming an ever increasing part of fair policing policies also known as community oriented policing.

In today's society, there are many different opinions on who is responsible for committing a particular crime while an officer is on-scene without video (10-8) on duty. In the past, the cost of storage of analog products where prohibited. Now that the most technologically advanced police in-car video cameras utilize digital video and hard drives, storage is very affordable, the video footage can be stored for years or even decades. The shear fact that a police department can store dash-cam videos for years will allow them to protect themselves in the future if a dispute erupts. 

The police car video systems recently have advanced capabilities and are able to transfer data through wireless options to the headquarters. The super features also include instant identification of license plate numbers so officers know if the car they are approaching is driven by dangerous suspects. 

In conclusion

Police Car Camera Automatic Hands Free Wireless Downloading/Uploading from the Police Car to the Police Station

The Police in-car camera is the most vital piece of equipment in the vehicle today, providing a real advantage to police departments who are buying them.

Police car video systems can, in addition, offer instant verification of license plate numbers, and ensure proper management of law and order. 

The Key Illuminating Advantages of Video Camera Systems in Police Cars

Video recording security technology has shown to be very important to the task of detectives. Locating criminals and providing video evidence in court strengthens the case using the police vehicle camera system. The dash-cam cruiser system allows a police chief to view and teach officers the correct way of doing their duties. The very stressful occupation of being a law enforcement officer, needs an impartial witness to their duties. Once the camera systems were installed in their cars, a large majority of officers began to enjoy and count on the silent video witness.

Analysis of the crime situations - Car police camera system give the officers and detectives the ability to review video evidence, with specific goals in mind. The inspection of officer behavior can reduce the claims against the department. The advent of the dash-camera system has allowed law enforcement agencies to address attitudes that may be an issue with officers completing their duties. The greatest advantage is the law officers security.

The Public Perception - It's sad to say, but in certain regions in the United States, law officers are looking at in an unfavorable light. The important issues are police brutality and profiling. The effective weapon is the HD in-car police camera video system, combating through video evidence what the opinion of the public is saying. Letting the public actually see the police dash-cam videos add to transparency and good will to a community. The car video recording equipment adds a third eye that is honest and is amazing. If the agency has added the latest police car camera technology their videos, they will be shot in HD or 1080P.

Recorded Evidence Footage - Video from the police cars continuously prove their financial investments. The criminal cases that go to court are provided with video evidence from the dash cams are extremely helpful in convicting criminals. The key cornerstone of a successful police department has to be built upon a high quality police car camera video recording system.



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  1. Police car cameras 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Aug 2017

    We use the DC3 system in the US Forrest service USFS cars. I have had my police car camera over 9 years now and its work every day. The unit audio is awesome and the video is great. This is a super reliable police car camera system.

  2. Police In-Car Camera Video System 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Oct 2016

    Planning on buying a police car camera system but not sure which one will stand up to the every abuse your officers hand out. Trust me the Martel DC3 is the toughest police in-car camera in the world. Not only durable but easy to use int he field and doest require training or the manual to operate. Also we added the Wifi wireless video uploading which totally automates the collection of evidence and leaves the chain of evidence bullet proof. Amazing system affordable price.

  3. police in-car camera system review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jun 2016

    I have used the Martel police car cameras in the past and they are rugged and easy to use. The video and audio has always be awesome. Even at night the traffic stops and DUI arrest are perfectly lit. I have asked my department to procure the newest version of the in-car video systems from Martel. I hope we can fit it in the budget or find a state governors highway grant we could use to buy new police dash-cams.

  4. Police in-car video cameras are found here. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jun 2016

    Everything about In Car Video from car. Find videos, camera product deals - police buy car police cameras, in-car video with grant - More In Car Video. You are about to review the Martel In Car Video Product Category. Our cameras have NO moving parts or the failures that come with them. My police Chief has given me the task of finding a grants for in car video systems. My Sheriff has given me the job for searching out a new in car video systems. I know the Martel car cameras can use two wireless microphones. Police law Departments are turning to in-car video cameras to give themselves clout, and transparency.
    Police agencies have sought to increase confidence with in-car digital recording systems that document interactions with the citizens. The incident have proven why dashboard-mounted cameras in patrol cars are so valuable.
    Four months later, the dash-cam footage was made available to everyone to see after government officials bought more in-car police video camera. The video served as key evidence in their decision.
    This is step forward in police in-car video, bringing high-definition capability to their Martel police camera line of solutions. These are just a few reasons why your agency should consider buying to the best in-car video solution available:

    1. HD-Quality Video: With 1280x1080 resolution, the new Wide Dynamic Range camera allows you to see crystal clear when important details are in the wide field of view, such as license plates and faces.
    2. Record 2 cameras supported: With the HD camera on Channel 1 (forward-facing), rear camera suspect on Channel 2, with automatic activation based upon triggers such as the Infrared Rear-Seat Camera turning on when the prisoner is sitting in the back cage and the officer pressed the record 2 on the touchscreen.

    3. Solid-state SD cards: Store unlimited amount of data storage. HD DVR in-car unit, meaning you can store more video in between uploads to the police station, at better quality.

    4. 802.11Ac upload support: Getting the most advanced high-speed wireless data transfer capability is crucial, especially when you’ve got HD video files, or patrol vehicles arriving at the police station simultaneously. The 802.11AC is the highest speed police in-car video uploading system available.

  5. Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Scanning Video Systems 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th May 2016

    One of the fastest expanding applications is the deployment of ALPR systems is used by police car Cameras, mounted to police vehicles. The ALPR police in-car camera system consists of several cameras mounted on a police cruiser, hooked up to a touchscreen inside the vehicle. The number and letters on license plates are checked and properly matched with an in the car database or cloud real-time database. This wanted suspect database can be set with alerts for cars that have been given suspicious or tagged for a traffic stop.

  6. IACP In-Car Camera Model Policy members stated that they support policies that include use of in-car cameras in their community. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th May 2016

    However, 73 percent suggested The purpose of the study is to develop a best practices guide for selection and acquisition of in-car camera equipment and to provide an 2016 updated model policy. In the spirit of building public trust, the in-car camera recording of the state police and highway patrol vehicles were equipped with in-car cameras. Policy of in-car camera equipment and to provide an updated model policy. In-Car Video Camera Systems Performance Specifications as listed below in totality. Preparing for the transition to digital video; Model policy and best practices; Developing bid. Everything about In Car Video from officer and chiefs point of view. Find specifications, product deals & reviews for officers & cops from law enforcement police car camera equipment suppliers. We cover a wide variety of digital video recorders, radar-based systems, & car video cameras.

  7. Complete list of Police Car Camera system features: 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th May 2016

    In Car Video-Dash Camera Systems
    In-Car Video Product Overview
    In-Car Video Recording Systems
    Rugged In-Car Video Recording System
    Police In-Car Video Recording System
    HD Quality Video
    Integrated GPS Mapping
    Direct to SDXC Card Technology
    Wireless File Transfer
    Video File Management
    High Resolution Zoom Camera
    2.4GHz Wireless Microphone System
    Integrated GPS Mapping
    Advanced State In-Car Video
    Remote Live Video Viewing streaming
    Crash G-Force Sensor
    Event record alarm trigger video is triggered during speed ceiling, vehicle exceeds a preset speed
    Secure Locking Door so officer doesn't have access to video evidence.
    Police In-Car Video System is controlled with an Touchscreen
    Event Marker Button in-car video systems
    Martel DC3 In-Car Video System is a complete standalone system solution. When record activated by the vehicle’s ignition, the Martel In-Car Video System will begin to loop record up to 2 minute of pre-alarm recording. Event Video can be triggered many ways including a dedicated momentary on/off switch, overhead light bar on/off switch, officers wireless Audio Body Pack, Marker event touchscreen button and GPS. When triggered, more than 2 minutes of Pre-event recordings.
    Advanced Video File Management in-Car Video System you will never have to access a proprietary server, a hard drive or a separate dvd for the video you want to take to court. Auto recordings of Video recorded on the same sd card in separate files by type, time and date.
    "Police officers are exonerated in 93% of complaints
    when incident video is available."
    International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) - In-Car Camera Report
    Police Car Camera Views
    Advanced In-Car Video System can be configured to record simultaneously from up to two cameras. During video playback you may select a specific camera or all 2 simultaneously. Industry-Leading
    Rear Seat Camera Police Mini-Dome Camera solution.
    2.4GHz Digital Wireless
    Microphone System
    Police Wireless Microphone 1000-2000 ft. range
    Built in microphone
    Lapel Microphone
    Leather Belt Pouch
    4 Alert Modes
    for System Active or Out of Range:
    Vibrate & Beep
    Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
    12 Hours of Talk Time
    18 Hours of Stand by Time
    Fully Recharged in 3 Hours
    Two Wireless Microphone Systems
    can be paired to in car camera!
    Laptop, LCD,or Display Mirror LCD Display Mirror
    Rear-view Mirror Monitor will allow you to view the video In-Car Video System recording in real time. Priced over 66% less than other brands, you will get more for your budget dollars and equip more vehicles with the Martel In-Car Video System. Routine Traffic Stop Video evidence from dash cameras.

  8. Advanced police cameras and Industry-First Military grade HD In-Car Camera System for Law Enforcement Agencies. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th May 2016

    Technology leading police camera manufacturer for law enforcement video systems, has introduced two advanced, rugged and highly-engineered police-dash cameras.
    Our in-car camera now featured in the industry-leading DC3 in-car video system. Martel is the world’s largest manufacturer of in-car video systems for law enforcement and supplier to most of the law enforcement agencies in the U.S.
    Designed and assembled at the Martel in California, our video systems fully comply with the Buy American Act of 1933 and the Buy America Act of 1983. The DC3 in-car video camera complies with, and exceeds, the product requirements outlined in the police camera grant program from the U.S. Department of Justice. The rugged Crimecam body-worn camera may be used on its own or tethered with the DC3 in-car video system. The weather resistant, tamper proof body-worn camera features:

    8 hours of HD video recording,
    adjustable lens with a 140° wide-angle field of view,
    Night Vision ultra-wide dynamic range technology for superior nighttime recording,
    clear, intuitive, Color digital display and controls for ease of in-field use,
    military-grade 810G polymer materials for maximum durability,

  9. In-Car Camera Project has a In-Car Camera Model Policy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th May 2016

    The International Association of Chiefs of Police, In-Car Camera Project has a In-Car Camera Model Policy that guides
    a police agency in how to use their new in-car video cameras. Support is available in this site also for the use of in-car cameras and how to get
    the most out of their car-cameras. Police in-car camera equipment and to provide an updated model policy for the use Video Camera Systems Performance Specifications. Getting prepared for the transition to digital video, and searching for a model policy and best practices.

  10. Agencies buying Integration of In-Car and Body-Worn Video Camera Systems 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th May 2016

    Martel WiFi - Engineered for Law Enforcement
    A review of in-car video systems, currently available on the police scene, reveals a feature filled design with a rich complement of technology.

    Most manufacturers offer these features:

    Two-camera solution (forward-facing and "suspect/prisoner" police-cameras)
    GPS, Drivers license Scanners, Officer User Id quick login USB dongle
    Wireless upload of audio and video data (802.11 a/g/n/ac HD standards)
    Complete digital video media-management software that is fully integrated into the agency's storage infrastructure
    Wireless microphone with at least 1,000-foot of full officer voice coverage
    Body-worn video camera must record in 1080P so evidence can been clearly seen, such as license plates
    Removable storage media in the patrol car should be non proprietary
    Easy output of native files for disclosure and video court evidence requirements

    These required features should give your police agency the upper hand with police car cameras. Police departments purchase the full turnkey solution offered by Martel to ensure compatibility between their in-car video evidence, body-camera and the digital video-storage database. "We're seeing police departments now that come to Martel, not just because of the features and durability of our in-car cameras, but because they need the security of a proven police in-car video company. Buy the mobile video recording systems in police vehicles from a reliable vendor. Be sure to verify the In-Car Video Camera Systems Performance Durability Specifications. Getting ready for the transition to digital video; Model policy and best practices are key to success for police departments. All police agencies must have a written policy regarding video camera use in their cars. What a complex this issue now that body-worn cameras are in the mix. Most of the studies are designed to develop best practices for the purchasing/acquisition of in-car camera equipment and to provide an updated model policy for HD digital video evidence. Police car on board camera is a vital part of the cruiser. Make sure you police in-car camera policy is updated yearly.

  11. Police dash-cam-system for our police agency 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd May 2016

    In-car-Video Camera Systems for Police & government Enforcement that give officers peace of mind. Research regarding police dash cams including digital video evidence recorders, radar-based car mounted systems, and other vehicle-mounted camera options. If you are trying to find a quality police-car-camera system the DC3 is perfect solution.

  12. Sample policy for in-car camera program 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Apr 2016

    Martel has developed a Model Policy, which is included in the exact Practices policing.
    The Martel In-Car Camera Policy is intended as a guide post, which can be adapted or
    tweaked to the unique needs of an agency.

    Correct management of an police in-car camera program is essential to everyone in the community. Sheriffs
    must have a thorough understanding of the entire cost of needs before the instituting
    an in-car camera system.

    The policy give you the minimum requirement for
    agencies using in-car video systems. The dash-cam-in-car camera documents the consequences of both the suspects and the
    law officer. A police chief/sheriff may think the in-car camera as a method of getting convictions,
    honesty and accountability. This video evidence must be taken into account when
    implementing or measuring the performance of an video in-car camera program.

  13. LEI US Forest Serviceregion 6 just outfitted the entire agency with DC3 in car camera systems 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Oct 2014

    I just learned from FBO.gov that LEI regions 6 and 1 of the USFS agency have purchased Martel DC3 police car camera for all their officers. That is cover Oregon to Montana. I just read that Martel Electronics is a GSA Contract holder for police in-car camera systems. Here is the contract number, GS-07F-007CA. If you are a Federal Law Enforcement agency or state agency use can use this contract for the police car cameras.

  14. In-car Video Camera Systems for Police that provide for officer safety. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Sep 2014

    We have had a number of police cameras systems in our department before the Martel DC3. All of them where a bust for reliability. Most of the video cameras where dash-cams and had poor resolution. After we got our first Martel dashcam we order 3 more right away. They fit in all of our vehicles even though we have suv tahoes and impalas and crown vics. I dont normally write reviews but I was compelled to tell every police department that the Martel police car camera systems are well worth the money!!! Do it right the first time. Solid state, Gps, wireless file transfer, radar cable interface, touch screen control, 2 cameras front and rear, 2.4ghz wireless microphone, Military MIL810G and the best part manufactured in the USA.

  15. Police in-car camera system wireless video transferring package 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2014

    When we bought our first couple of DC3 police cameras we did not plan to wireless upload our videos. After the second year we order 11 more in car cameras systems from Martel. Now we had a problem and needed to manage the cars. There are 2 shifts a day. So we needed a way to get the videos from the police car to the server without having a Captain pull memory cards. So we called Martel and they explained how the wireless\wifi uploading from the cars to the station worked. The video evidence files will be automatically uploaded into the video management software through a encrypted 802.11n private network. The officer has no interaction with the system which means our chain of evidence is pure and untainted. The files are moved down the wireless network with any hands touching the video. The DC3 police car camera does not need a MDT or computer, this was important to us since we did not have a laptop in our cruisers. Plus if we had to integrate it with windows we would have to hire a IT technician. The Captain can review the video and burn them to dvd if they are needed for court. Well its been a few years now and we have over 56 cars downloading a day. It works just like advertised. Here is the kicker Martel has been updating us FREE with new Video Server software since we started and gets getting faster and better every year. We are always going to be a Martel customer. Even some of our officers who have left to take jobs in our county have had their sheriffs departments order Martel video systems. Is the ultimate Fleet management software for wireless video transferring.

  16. Half the price Police In-Car Camera Video System with Wireless video uploading from the car 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jul 2014

    Allot police departments already have video in car cameras systems there are still several thousand departments without police dash-cams recording devices in their police vehicles. The police dashcam has some huge advantages over the police body cameras. The biggest is that the in car camera system automatically starts recording when the light bar is activated or the speed of the police car goes over a certain speed. The draw back or con of the police body worn cameras is that it is totally up to the officer to hit record. Not the best idea if you want video to be recorded during a huge incident. The biggest problem with body cameras is that there is no pre event recording. The one minute before the incident so you never really see why the officer is making the arrest. 1080P In-Car Camera System with with GPS and H.264 may not be the best solution because of the huge files that are created. Storage is going to be expensive. Police camera system that incorporates GPS Geotag that stamps the longitude and latitude coordinates onto every video file, frame by frame and picture by picture. Many departments deployed the in-car video camera to record traffic violations now days. Allot of police departments who go 10-8 need to have a police in car camera system and a police body camera on them at all times. 10-8 mean on duty by the way.

  17. American made police car camera system 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jun 2014

    Since Martel manufactures all their parts in the USA it really makes a difference. We have had 12 Martel video systems since 2001. None of these units have had any issues and have been working perfectly for over 13 years now. I cant say enough about Martel quality police cameras. Now the DC3 in car systems are our next purchase and we are going to get them with the wireless video uploading transferring system from the police car to the police station. After this our next Martel system will be a add on ALPR license plate reader.

  18. Police car cameras and the modern police agency 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd May 2014

    We chose the Martel DC3 police in car camera system because we wanted the wireless uploading of the video. We have now over 19 Martel video systems and you need to watch their videos, it impressive. Police cameras in the car guard us against law suits. The touchscreen is so small and can be mounted anywhere. I do recommend getting the drivers license scanner. Its been a real crime tool for my department.

  19. New, police in car video, 802.11N Only One in the world that is MIlitary 810G 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st May 2014

    The DC# police in car video is made in the USA. I have been looking a reasonable priced video system for our police department now for over a year. I looked at mirror units and seat mounted police in car video systems. I found them to be lacking the area of durability. The police officers treat them very harshly. The Martel police in car video has no button just a touch screen. It has no moving part, totally solid state and records to flash cards. It also has the ability to auto wirelessly download the video from the police car to the police stations server. All that and a price we can afford. We have had them now 6 months and I would recommend them to every department I meet.


    Posted by on 1st May 2014

    Breaking news about the police car camera has been updated on this page today. The Technology update is apparently how the police car camera has helped the Law enforcement community. The SPECIAL INFORMATION ABOUT POLICE CAR CAMERA and its related equipment, such as the police car camera wireless microphone and rear sear camera, along with the police car camera gps and crash sensor are all major parts and accessories of the police car camera. Ultimate Police Car Digital Video Recording System. wireless video download. The special new information also contains the police car camera Wireless microphone system and wireless downloading capability. Note, The interface works with most GPS, Radar, and car systems to indicate brakes, lights, position, officer name/badge number, and more on screen for complete evidence collection. back end software will automatically download recorded video when the vehicle enters a designated 802.11 wifi hot spot zone. This information is crucial to police departments this is a major leap forward in technology for police car camera.


    Posted by on 1st May 2014

    I bought some of the Martel MDE2 POLICE CAR CAMERA units. I am very impressed with the touch screen and the police wireless microphone. We now have added the wireless file downloading to our police departments headquarters. Its real simple to install and run. The VALUE and IMPACT the police car camera has made it well worth the investment. Our Highway Patrol is now looking for police car camera and I would recommend the DC3 in car camera system. The study I have seen and information I used to make our decision was researched for over 1 year. After careful research on the police car camera. This study that they show me gave me important information about the police car camera.


    Posted by on 1st May 2014

    The news update I have about the POLICE CAR CAMERA. police-car camera software updates are available for the police car camera. Dashboard-camera have been in service now for 3 years and we love them. The Special feature of the POLICE CAR CAMERA is that now they wireless download with 2.4ghz radios and its automatic.


    Posted by on 1st May 2014

    The definition of a police car camera: is a camera that is mounted looking out a windshield of a police car. The important news is that they have made the police car camera digital now and can record to a memory card. The video files from the police car camera are now mpeg2, mp4, h264 and server based for transferring the video files wirelessly thought a hot spot that uses wifi. Some of the police car cameras are using HD video. The HD video is the latest news updates on police car camera.


    Posted by on 1st May 2014

    This is a must know if you are researching police car camera systems. you will find that the most reliable police car camera systems are made in the US. Ask the company you are researching if the police car camera that are selling is made down to the pc board level in the United States. Trust me this will tell you if the police car camera is durable and worth the investment. We bought the Martel police car camera after finding they made it in California down to the board level. Also we purchased the wifi auto downloading video system. The video files are wireless transferred from the police car to the police station. Perfect. The best part was for our IT department Martel system doesn't use SQL databases.

  25. New Reports on Police Car Camera effectiveness, 12/7/2011 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st May 2014

    New Reports on Police Car Camera effectiveness from IACP show that police departments that have police car camera installed in their cars do much better with complaints. The official update reports that 93% of all complaints are cleared up immediately. The Police Car camera is a vital tool for law enforcement in the 10 mobile vehicles. 8 of them are Martel's.

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