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COURT WRITER - Courtroom Multiple Voice Recognition System - Ghost Writer Courtroom

  • Courtroom multiple voice recognition solution software exclusive
  • Courtroom voice recognition
  • Voice Recognition for courts
  • Courtroom Artificial Intelligence Assistant multiple person voice recognition software system
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2.33 LBS

We engineered our Court Writer Multiple Voice Recognition system to work with existing courtroom room recorders. We have developed a package where you can load a previous recorded audio file from a court case and have it typed up for you. So if you are using a computer based voice recorder or a standalone 4 channel recording system we take help with your workload. This custom personalized solution takes into account your courtroom acoustics, microphone settings and more.

DUE TO DEMAND ALLOW 3 weeks for Delivery- Hand Crafted, Order now! GHOST WRITER 3 powered by Dragon Voice Recognition Speech to Text software.

Here is what we can do for your court. If you are tired of typing and want the computer to do most of the work for you, we have the system solution for your court.

We tailor designed a voice to text, software solution for your particular courtroom. In addition to setting up your system by computer to computer support, we offer a year round technical support purchase yearly.

For a custom quote, please email law@martelelectronics.com 



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