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Court Reporter SUPER EAR Hearing Booster Court Room kit + Ultra Microphones + Audio output to Steno Writers and Laptop Audiosync Recordings

  • ourt Reporter SUPER EAR Hearing Voice Aid Court Room kit + Ultra Microphones + Audio output to Steno Writers and Laptop Audiosync Recordings
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Court Reporters all over the country have been asking for a way to hear sidebars and the court proceedings without getting up. Well we have the solution. Our Super Ear Voice Hearing aid kit is specially designed to pickup voices all over the courtroom.

The Voice Aid box has a wheel for Turing up the voice to a acceptable level. Once you have adjusted it to your personal liking we provide you with a output cable, so you can feed that audio into your writers microphone input or laptop microphone input and record perfect audioscync. You can output the audio to you writer\laptop or not. 

Never Miss a word of Testimony again in your courtroom including sidebars, and stop getting up and down all the time! 

If you have ever had a attorney or whiteness whisper and you can not pick up your writer or laptop to go over to where they are sitting, the Super Ear can fix that.  The unit comes with a portable voice amplifier box with 2 Martel special voice tracking microphones that are inserted by extension cables into the unit. You can stretch the microphones out where you want creating a high powered voice signal that will be very easy for you to understand.

Super Ear Kit comes with the following:

  • Super Ear hearing Voice Aid
  • 2 Professional Martel voice tracking microphones
  • 2 Y-cables for live monitoring and recording at the same time
  • 1 cable to plug into the microphone jack on writer or laptop for audiosync recording
  • 1 Headphone for live monitoring
  • 2 20-Feet extension cables for the professional microphones
  • 2 Microphone Tripods 
  • Martel Telephone support 

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Comes with a full 3 Warranty and support
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  1. Pick ups voices from far way 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Nov 2018

    works just like advertised. I can hear people talking at over 40 feet.