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Court Reporter Laptop Microphone & Headset Combo Cable

  • One of a kind break out cable for court reporters laptops and microphones
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Court Reporter microphone laptop combo input cable.
If you have a laptop that has only one input socket for a headphone and microphone you are in big trouble. This is called a combination jack. We have made a special cable for you that will allow you to use our special Court Reporter microphones with your laptop.

For some time now court reporter laptops are coming with only one input jack for a headset and microphone. This makes it virtually impossible to connect a external super powerful court reporter microphone to these laptops. This cable is the solution. Its made up of the finest copper and is shield from interference from cell phones and radio stations.

This is a really important topic for court reporters in the last couple of years. 
Most of the computer laptop manufactures have moved from two separate inputs on the side laptops one for the microphone and one for the headset.  These new laptops create a problem for court reporters. The problem lies with the internal Jack that they are using to manufacture these laptops. Since the headphone Andy microphone jack or now one input the death of this socket is much deeper then they were years ago. So the court reporter plugged in a normal microphone, the laptop will not recognize the new microphone. We normally recommended court reporters get laptops that have to influence one for the microphone and one for the headphone. If you have bought a computer that only has one input, this cable is the only solution that will fix your problem. This cable has one male plug and two female inputs. One input is labeled microphone and the other input is labeled headset. This is simple labeling system well at least stress on you as a court reporter during to set up for a deposition or a court setting. This court reporting microphone cable is part of our unique problem solving Solutions for court reporters.

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