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Definition: CART is Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) converts the spoken word into instant text by court reporters.

This court reporting service is generally for hard of hearing persons not familiar with American Sign Language (ASL) that need spoken words translated into printed English in a real-time format. The court reporting steno software is also being recorded in real-time with a USB court reporter microphone.

Court reporting CART practitioners work in courtrooms, classrooms, at performances, for seminars or corporate presentations.

The real-time text can be shown on numerous state-of-the-art display devices, including: laptop screen, remote devices like cell phones and iPads, stadium screens, television screen, LCD projection screen, or LED message display signs. These display options offer the ultimate in flexibility, from a laptop for a single student to a large LED display sign for thousands at once. Most of the court reporters are using a back up digital recorder from Martel Electronics.

New Professional opportunities for Court Reporters

CART Captioning is an exciting field for court reporters who can also provide the capability to provide services from an off-site location. These CART practitioners typically work from home and receive their audio feed from numerous VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) resources and telephone lines. This is called "Remote CART."

New information that every Court Reporter needs to know

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates the provision of reasonable accommodations for employees and “auxiliary aids and services” to ensure effective communication with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The U.S. Department of Justice regulations for ADA Title II (state and local governments) and ADA Title III (public accommodations) define the term “auxiliary aids and services” comprehensively:

5 Reasons Police Car Cameras are Critical In Today’s Society

In the last couple of year we have seen tension grow between police and citizens. This was due mostly to underlying issues with transparency. The citizens were not able to view footage taken from the incident, so often thought the officer was at fault. The citizens began to stereotype the law enforcement agencies as [...]

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Top Court Reporting schools that are closest to you!

An Interesting and Satisfying Career choice, Court Reporting Did you know over the next couple of years United States will need more than 5000 court reporters. There are many reasons for the shortage, but there're only a few schools they teach the profession of court reporting. The largest demand we'll be in California, Texas, Illinois and [...]

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Is the Smart Phone app the best choice for a lawyers dictation needs?

The New digital smart line of Dictation equipment, are the most cost effective tool in a lawyers tool chest. The comparison between smartphones for dictation and a dedicated professional dictation machine recorder is amazing! Using a smartphone or iPhone for a efficient recording option may seem a convenient option at first glance. However, we you look [...]

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A Court Reporters Nightmare & Win | Martel Electronics

Does the Record speak for itself? You've got to get up to Judges Brown's courtroom and take your notes from the April 1st trial", my supervisor told me. Anxiety built within me as I approached the courtroom, wondering why the request for notes on a case in which the transcription had been prepared and filed. I felt like the star [...]

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Why Court Reporters Hate Their AudioSync Recordings

Court reporter computer The #1 Problem Facing Court reporters today. Court reporter laptop designed only for Court Reporters I have talked to most the court reporters is in the country today, and the number one issue that they have in their minds is the poor quality coming from their audio sync court reporting software. Everyone is frustrated by the lack of [...]

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DIY Guide to Starting Your Own Medical Transcription Business from Home

I have read 20 or more how to start a medical transcription business from home and most of them are crap! Do you want the real scoop on making money not start businesses read below. Over the past 10 years or so, starting your own medical transcription business was very expensive and labor intensive. Well, we are [...]

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How Digital Dictation Recorders Work & How Digital Transcribers Work

How does digital dictation equipment work and how efficient is it to use professional dictation recorder from Martel Electronics? Digital Professional Dictation Machine Information The Martel  Professional Dictation machine System ensures that the dictation needs of business professionals like doctors and lawyers is met at all times, wherever work takes you. Success begins when your team puts their thoughts into words. [...]

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Doctors specialized needs in a digital dictation recorder - HIPAA compliance

Today's article will focus on the  HIPAA compliant digital dictation equipment for both small practices and large physician groups. A lot has been made recently of the new HIPAA health care law requirements. Doctors are rushing around trying to be compliant. So what does a doctor need in a  digital dictation device to be HIPAA compliant. The first is that the [...]

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The very unique standalone courtroom recording equipment package - DM246

Used by the New York Supreme Court.  For many years a lot of courts have been trying to configure a court recording system through a PC running windows software. This type of software has many pitfalls, and running on Windows has many errors. These court room recording systems or  courtroom voice recording equipment packages often times cost tens of thousands [...]

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