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Wifi Dictation Recorder emails files Via Iphone + Android Phones

  • Wifi Dictation Recorder

The Wifi7000 portable dictation recorder allows you to dictate with your recorder and with the click of the button it connects to your cell phone and sends the dictation via the 4G connection with an app. 

Send dictations back to your office from anywhere in the world.

This is the ultimate luxury dictation item for a high powered lawyer or professional. We all know that the dictation apps on an iPhone are awkward to use. Most of them don’t even have a cue and review for corrections.  This recorder gives you the best of both worlds. Why can’t you have it all. A professional handheld dictation machine with the slide control for rewinding and the bluetooth wifi connection you need to be portable without a laptop.

Conference Recording around the world.

So you are in a deposition or a conference and you want to record the speaker. What do you do. If you think you are going to use you iPhone you should test it in a room and walk 15 feet away and record your voice. You will quickly realize the sound is  so low and poor that you can tell whose speaking. So the Wifi dictation recorder is perfect for this type of recordings. Say you are at a conference where you paid a high price to get in and it has a technical specialty you are trying to learn, say real estate law. You can record using the conference setting under the microphone adjustment and get a pick up range of around 30 feet. Then at lunch click the send dictation file on the app on you phone and its sent back to your office in minutes. 

Board Meeting,Court,depositions,arbitration's, Recordings: For this type of recordings we would recommend you use a boundary table top microphone. We have a professional microphone called the Audio Grabber which has a 10 foot cable and the correct plug for the Wifi Dictation recorder. Simply plug it in and the microphone receives it power from the recorders microphone jack. You can connect up to 12 conference audio grabber microphones via daisy chain them together. Each one has a female jack so they inter connect one to another, really efficient if you have a large table, like the United Nations.

So now the juicy part if you are a tech geek like we are. The dictation recorder uses a special wifi sd card. When its powered by the dictation machine it sends out a signal via blue-tooth that the Olympus cell phone dictation app receives. Once you have paired your dictation recorder with the Olympus dictation app you are all set to send dictation files via your cell phone. Simple to use and very tech savvy.  


if you are worried about security of sending dictation files via email, let take a expert look at the Wifi7000. Built into the recorder is a 256bit encryption feature. I know this is important to lawyers, District Attorneys, Federal Investigators, Doctors HIPAA and detectives.

if by now you are asking yourself yes but I also you Dragon voice recognition software. Well this recorder is perfectly compatible with Dragon and received the highest score by them. Once the files are back at your office Dragon will automatically transcribe the dictation. If you have a secretary they can use a Olympus transcription kit to manually transcribe the work using their computer and a usb foot pedal. 


So whats in the Wifi Dictation combo equipment:

  1. Olympus Professional digital recorder WIFI7000
  2. Bluetooth wifi adapter for the recorder
  3. 1 Year subscription to the Olympus cell phone app for email the dictation files via 4G
  4. Desktop dictation recorder battery charging station
  5. carry case
  6. Professional dictation recorder management software 
  7. 2 year warranty of the Wifi7000 recorder

Order Online or speak to one of our digital transcription and dictation experts at 800-553-5536 

We can substantially improve your document creation through this breakthrough dictation technology.

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