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Product Support

f you have any of the products listed below, please follow the Red instructions. If your product is not listed below, please follow the Green instructions further down the page.

To begin the process on your computer, please follow the TeamViewer installation instructions below. We will promptly log-in and get started, you will not need to be on the telephone while we complete the process. We will logout of TeamViewer and send you a completion confirmation e-mail thereafter.

1. Click this link: Teamviewer Download to begin downloading the program.  
2. If it asks you to run or save, click run. If it asks neither, it will begin downloading and you can launch it from the lower left corner of your chrome browser.
3. The installation screen will come up, select BASIC INSTALLATION and PERSONAL/NON-COMMERCIAL USE then ACCEPT. Let the installation complete.
4. A window will appear saying "Check out what Teamviewer can do for you". Close this window and below will be the window with your 9 digit ID and password.
5. E-mail a description of your problem, Purchasers Name, along with your 9 digit ID and password to law@martelelectronics.com and be sure to leave the TeamViewer program open.   


For all other products please e-mail the Purchasers Name, Phone Number, Product Purchased and Description of Problem to law@martelelectronics.com We will contact you promptly.


Thank You!