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Steno Writer Wireless Microphone - Court Reporters

  • Wireless Steno Writer Microphone world only unit made exclusively for Court Reporters
  • Wireless Steno Writer Microphone  with tripod included
  • Wireless Steno Writer Microphone transmitter and receiver
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The Wireless Steno Writers Microphone is the worlds first wireless microphone made for steno machines, like the Elan Mira, Diamante, Fusion and Luminex, but it can work with all writers currently made for Court Reporters.

The Wireless Steno Writer Microphone is a small wireless microphone you can drop anywhere in a court room or deposition. It sends the audio back to your writers microphone input via wireless.

As a court reporter, you often times have problem areas in a courtroom or witness table where you just can't hear. The Wireless Steno Writer Microphone system can solve all your problems. Just plug it into the writers microphone socket, and then you can place the wireless microphone anywhere in room within 150 feet of your steno machine. Have multiple problem areas? Buy more Wireless Steno Writers Microphones, you can use up-to 4 of them in 1 writer. Drop a wireless microphone in front of a judge, another one in front of witness, and another one in front of the plaintiff and defendant. Imagine an audiosync file that is as clear as someone whispering into your ear. You can plug the Steno wireless microphone into your writer and as many other microphones into the same socket with our external cable.

Imagine you have clear perfect audio of everyone speaking in the courtroom. This is the most advanced way to make sure you have a microphone in the right spot without cables going back and forth from your desk to other tables. This is a limited time price.

Package includes:

1 Wireless Steno Writer Microphone
1 Y cable for connecting more microphones at the same time to your writer
1 Recharging cable for the wireless microphone
1 AC Adapter power supply
1 Tripod for holding the wireless microphone
1 Manual

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