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Police Interview Voice Recognition Room Recording System Multiple-Person Voice to Text Worlds Only

  • Police Interview Voice Recognition Room Recording System Multiple-Person Voice to Text Worlds Only - Revolutionary
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The Ghost Writer Police Interviewer Room Voice Recognition system is the worlds only and most advanced Police interview room recording system. It recorders and creates the word document transcript by itself. No need to send out the audio files to be transcribed anymore. The Ghost Writer Police Interview Recognition does it all automatically. This changes everything in the POLICE-INTERVIEW-ROOM-RECORDING-WORLD!

The Ghost Writer Police Interviewer 6  is a standalone digital recording system that allows you to upload a multiple-voices recording into voice recognition and receive a super high recognition rate. After the file is in Voice software the multiple-voice recording will start to be automatically type up for you. The unit is capable of getting over 96% is optimal conditions its the only one in the worlds that can do multiple-voice recognition to text. What software can transcribe a recording with multiple voices? Answer: Only Martel Electronics Revolutary Ghost Writer 6 Police recogntion software can!  

The High quality police interview audio recording and the voice recognition text document are synced up, so with a click of the mouse you can correct any mistakes along with hear the audio for that word. This is revolutionary. 

GHOST WRITER Police Interviewer 6 is the Worlds First Multiple Voice Recognition system, powered by Voice Recognition Speech to Text software.

GHOST WRITER = Multiple Voice Police Interrogation Recording + Voice Recognition + Automatic Transcription of the voice to text documents for your department. 

The Martel Electronics Ghost Writer Police Interviewer 6 system is unique. You can recognize up to to 3 voices at a time, with a high rate of recognition. The Ghost Writer Police Interviewer 6 voice recognition system can do most of the transcription work for you. The meeting transcription software can do most of the heavy lifting for you, or your transcription person. It delivers around 80% or higher automatic transcription. If there are any mistakes it just click on the word and it plays the high quality recording and gives you the corrected words instantly. Document creation is never been easier. 

This Police Voice Recognition system is only sold by Martel Electronics and is not available anywhere else in the world.

Also purchase orders are accepted. Fax them to 1-714-692-1835

Features Voice Recognition for Law Enforcement Rooms:

    • Small table Top Recorder with record indicator color screen
    • Turns the police interview room into a typed up report document instantly when connected to a computer.
    • New for 2017 adds Punctuation to your interviews.
    • Recorder in Broadcast quality audio
    • Text documents are typed up and each word is synced with the audio so you can hear that word exactly as the suspect spoke it. 
    • No need to send audio recordings out to be transcribed anymore.
    • The Automatically Typed up document is ready in minutes of the end of the interview. 
    • If you need help or have question or a quote feel free to email law@martelelectronics.com

  • GHOST WRITER Police Interview Digital Conference Recorder & Multi person voice recognition system
  • Martel Proprietary Worlds Only Multiple Voice Speech Recognition Microphone
  • 4 Gigabye SD Card
  • USB Cradle
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Case
  • Professional Voice Recognition for multi-voice Software
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Martel Support & Installation via computer to computer professional installation
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