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Police Interview Room Equipment System LX Stereo Picture In Picture

  • Police interview room system
  • Police Interview Room Equipment System LX Stereo Picture In Picture DVD
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LX Stereo Picture In Picture Police Interview Recording Equipment System burn the recordings directly to Removable USB Thumb Drive Recorder. It has a separate touchscreen for controls. 

The Stereo Picture In Picture System Package includes everything in the Stereo System Package plus an additional close-up camera in one simple to install kit. Stereo audio greatly enhances the intelligibility of whispering or hard to understand subjects.
Get a tight close-up of your primary subject while recording a quarter screen wide shot of all interrogation participants. Tight shots enable the viewer to recognize subtle facial expressions or identifiable marks on a subject. This configuration works well for homicide, sexual assault or child abuse victim interview recordings.

The next level HD please interview room Recording systems is here.

For many years now please department have struggled with low quality CCTV Recording dvrs.  The main issue with the systems are that they weren't developed and manufactured in China and has very limited reliability. This is some sort of complicated, Menu driven and most the time needed to it member to start the recordings. This is not practical when doing interrogations. Even though the systems low price, it cost most of the apartments a lot in lost cases and missing evidence. That is widely decided to manufacture interview Recording System that would be easy to use and run on Lenix not Windows OS. The equipment would use a touch screen and the controller would be intuitive just like an iPhone. One button starts the recording, one button to stop the recording, and one button Burns the DVD video. The video evidence would be stored on a USB thumb drive, so it could be easily moved to a network for long-term storage. We also made it so it would record in Removable USB Thumb Drive. If your department has used a interview room system before, you know that burning a DVD takes half a day. With the LX interview recording system it takes just a minutes. Our systems are in using trusted by some of the worlds largest law enforcement agencies. The LX police interrogation room recording equipment comes in many sizes, and custom setups. We realized that all police departments are different, so we can fine-tune the system to meet your needs. A recent addition to our lineup includes pan tilt zoom cameras, that allow you to zoom in and out in pan and tilt to get the correct shot, that you require. Our are perfect for witness statements, criminal interviews, HR interviews, Child advocacy interview, or any important interview that needs to be documented, into the evidence record.

The Stereo Picture In Picture System Package Police interview room equipment Recording Package includes:

  1. The LX Solid State Digital DVD Recorder with Touch Screen Control Console, Powered Speaker System and Headphones.
  2. An Stereo Picture In Picture System comes with 2 wall or ceiling mount Microphones, Stereo Pre-Amp/Compressor, Power Supply and 50' Balanced Audio Cables.- Difference between the Basic and Stereo Packages. 
  3. And 2 LXC Color DSP 550 line Camera with Power Supply in your choice of PIR or Smoke Sensor Disguise housing and 50' Video/DC Cable.
  4. DVEM Digital Video Evidence Management Software.
  5. Premium Archival DVD-R Media with Case. (100 pack)
  6. Uninterruptible Power Supply.
  7. 800. Telephone Support and Police Room Design.
  8. Call for Help in Designing you Police Interview Room Phone: 714.321.9200 • Fax: 714.974.9666
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    IP Based Police Interview Room Recording Equipment. BEST PRICES on interview room recording systems for interviewing equipment. The electronic recording of interrogations. Digital Recording Solution for Police Interview Rooms. This is the easiest unit to set up and use for a detective.