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Police Interview Recording Equipment

FBI Los Angles Buys LX Police Interview Recording Room Systems 11.03.2014
Federal Government buys LX Child Forensic Recording equipment 04.13.2014

Martel Electronics: LX stand alone DVD Interview Equipment Recording System.  WORLDS ONLY PURPOSE BUILT POLICE INTERVIEW ROOM EQUIPMENT.

Complete Police digital interview room recording system designed specifically for investigators and other law enforcement officials to use during the questioning of suspects, victims and witnesses. To Order or learn more click here or call Greg Gulen at 714-313-1300 


 6.03.2010 Santa Ana PD, 9th Largest City in California Orders initial batch of 6 LX units for their interview rooms
 5.15.2010 FBI places another Repeat High Quantity Order
 4.19.2010 US Dept. of Justice outfits multiple offices in a new trial program for Entry Point Screening.