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Olympus Dictation Recorder Management Software

  • Olympus ODMS Dictation Management Software for Administrators
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So you are in charge of a large law firm or hospital and you have hundreds of digital dictation recorders onsite and off site, how do you manage it all. We have a solution which allows you to direct the dictation files around the world to get where they are supposed to be. When the os software or firmware changes you can update everyone at the same time. The dictation management software or odms allows you as the IT department or supervisor to have complete control over the flow of the dictation/transcription enviroment.
Olympus Dictation Recorder Management System (ODMS) software is an integrated software system designed to increase efficiency in the dictation and transcription workflow. By using ODMS, authors and transcriptionists can effectively manage and share dictation files and documents. The Dictation/Transcription equipment it can manage are the Following. Olympus DS7000, DS3500, Recmic 2300 and the AS7000 Transcription kit.

ODMS allows authors to easily download dictation files onto a computer, and share them instantly with transcriptionists through local networks, FTP or email. Automatic 256-bit file encryption boosts security, and individual files or entire folders can be password-protected.

ODMS consists of multiple modules, each specifically designed to cater to the needs of different users. Authors, transcriptionists and system administrators can each utilize their respective modules to carry out tasks and manage their dictation workflow. If you need help starting you own medical transcription business read this article.

The administration modules are only available in the ODMS Workgroup Mode and will be supplied on a separate CD and respective license numbers. The dictation & transcription modules for clients are available in both Workgroup and Standalone modes. They are supplied on a CD, and a license included with the device or transcription kit.

ODMS Components Breakdown


ODMS R6 Dictation software is supplied with DS-7000/DS-3500. This is used for downloading dictation files, configuring the device and transcribing files with the voice recognition features.


ODMS R6 Transcription software is supplied with the AS-7000 transcription kit. This module is used for transcribing documents, managing dictations and correcting documents using the voice recognition features.


A small client-side module used for automatically downloading dictations from supported Olympus devices. No License is required to use this software. This module does not have voice recognition or playback features.


The ODMS Administration CD contains all of the tools required to install, customize, and manage an ODMS environment in Workgroup mode. The software is supplied separately and is a required component of an ODMS Workgroup mode environment.

ODMS Administration CD consists of the following components:

  • System Configuration Program (With license)
  • License Manager (With License)
  • Terminal Service Client Virtual Driver
  • Citrix Client Virtual Driver
  • Repository Service


  • Recommended for medium & large dictation networks
  • Support of various thin clients
  • Scalability
  • Multiple Platforms supported
  • Professional Installation & Maintenance
  • Import and Export of device configurations
  • Centrally configure ODMS users and groups
  • Restrict access to vital settings to ensure system stability
  • Deploy software and firmware updates centrally
  • Customise MST files for a pre‑configured deployment and silent setup
  • Please ask your dealer for latest information about supported thin client models and virtual environments.
  • Multi User Licence management
  • User migration from R5 to ODMS
  • View ODMS licence usage for workgroup system
  • Manage licence use for Dictation & Transcription Users
  • Update ODMS licences seamlessly for maximum up‑time
  • Easy device configuration
  • Locking device features to avoid unintended changes
Operating System:
Standalone System: Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7) Workgroup System: Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003 SP2, Server 2003 R2 SP2, Server 2008 SP2, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012)
Microsoft Windows XP: 1 GHz or higher Vista: 1 GHz or higher Windows 7: 1 GHz or higher Server 2003: 1 GHz or higher Server 2008: 2 GHz or higher
Microsoft Windows XP: 256 MB or higher Vista: 1 GB or higher; Windows 7: 1 GB or higher (x86)/2 GB or higher (x64) Windows 8: 1 GB or higher (x86)/2 GB or higher (x64) Server 2003: 256 MB or higher Server 2008: 2 GB or higher
Audio Device:
With the Dictation Module and Transcription Module: A Microsoft WDM- or MME-compliant and Windows-compatible sound device
Virtual Environment Platform (Workgroup System only):
Windows Terminal Services: Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 Terminal Services (requires separate RDS[TS] CAL license), Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012 RemoteApp (requires separate RDS CAL license) Citrix Presentation Server: Citrix Presenta
Silent Setup:
Virtual environment Citrix XenDesktop: Ver 4/5 Citrix XenApp: Ver 5/6 Citrix Presentation Server: Ver 4.5 Citrix client virtual driver
Playback & Recording:
DSS/WAV/WMA/MP3 playback DSS/WMA/WAV recording DSS Pro encryption recording
Hardware Configuration:
Device option settings Device menu settings Assign function to programmable button Directrec configuration
Device Customization:
Device customization Assign function to programmable button Exchange button/slide switch function Encryption password setting to individual folder

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