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iPhone Microphone & Telephone Conference Speakerphone for Teleconferences / Meetings

  • Iphone Telephone Conferencing Package for business meeting
  • Iphone 7  Teleconferencing speaker/microphone kit
  • Iphone/Ipad/Tablet Telephone Conferencing Package for business meeting
  • Iphone Conference microphone/speaker system

Here is your Problem: You are using your Iphone for a Telephone Conference Meeting or group meeting and the people on the other end can not hear what your people are saying at the end of the table! 

Now Compatible with Iphone 7, Iphone 6 & Iphone 5, 

The Solution: is the Martel Iphone Conference Meeting Microphone/Speaker Amplifiers, Truely the Worlds only Professional Iphone Conference Kit

Yes it works with Face-time 

So if you are trying to use your Iphone as a conference meeting device and you are laying in the middle of a table with 5 or more people you need this package. The microphone located on the Iphone is not powerful enough to pick up more than 3 feet away from your phone. The speaker on the Iphone get muffled when you put in the loud settings and its hard to hear what the people on the other side of the phone are saying. That is why we included a conference microphone and a separate set of powered speakers, so you calls are heard and spoken at a clear loud level throughout the room even if their is 30 people around a huge table trying to communicate from New York to Los Angeles. 

This Iphone Tele-Conferencing solutions solves 2 problems with the Iphone, 1. the poor microphone and 2. The small low sounding speaker. The kits will give you amplification of both your microphones ability to pick up voice in the conference room and the voice that is coming out of the speakers on the package. 

This Iphone Telephone Conferencing package is loud enough for a group of 30 people to hear clearly in a conference room. 

For many years now there has been a problem with using your iphone to allow other people to hear a telephone meeting clearly. We have designed a way turn your Apple phone/Ipad into a on-the-go conference room kit.  The speakers are powerful enough so that the people in the back can hear the conversation clearly. We will not have to worry about batteries again since the speakers plug into the wall for power, that way you do not need to plan ahead for recharging speaker batteries. 

This is the professionals choice for a powerful speakerphone designed for an individual or small group to easily set up an instant conference room virtually anywhere – in a coffee house, in the office, at home, or on the go – connecting on their Apple phones anywhere together.  Easy Portable conference speakerphone for Iphone meetings.

Package Includes:

  • (1) Highly Sensitive Iphone Conference meeting microphone connected into the speakers
  • (2) powered Speakers that connect directly to Iphone 
  • Ac Wall power so you never have to worry about batteries or long meetings
  • All Hardware is fully tech supported by Martel
  • iPhone & iPad Telephone Amplifier Speaker Microphone
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Product Reviews

  1. Works just as advertised. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Sep 2016

    We use my iphone to do teleconferences and the speaker on the iphone is useless in a large room. We found this device online through Google search and now we can hear clearly with the powered speakers. Its worth the money.