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Iphone Business Class Teleconferencing Speaker/Microphone System for large Groups

  • IPhone Business Professional Class Teleconferencing package microphone/speaker system
Dragon Fire 1

Dragon Fire iPhone Teleconferencing Package for Large Groups = Improving the sound for both parties on the phone.
World's First Business Class Teleconferencing Microphone/Speaker Package 

Are you in a remote location doing business and can only use your iPhone or iPad to FaceTime a teleconference? Have you tried the consumer grade low cost solutions via Bluetooth and no one can hear what is being said from the speaker? We have the iPhone teleconferencing solution for business meetings. 

We have all tried to listen to someone on the iPhone speaker and said what are they saying, I can not hear them clearly. Now, if you have 12 or more people in a room trying to hear what is being said on a conference call, which is costing valuable time, that is a bigger problem. The iPhone Dragons Fire 1 is a business class solution for iPhone teleconferencing. We have engineered a high dual speaker system that delivers quality sound capable of filling a room 50 x 50 and having more than 20 people able to hear clearly. Also, included is a special voice tracking microphone capable of voice pickup up to 95 feet away as well as amplifying them and delivering it directly into the iPhone so the people on the other end can hear everyone in the large conference room. 

What is iPhone Teleconference?  Teleconferencing is when 2 groups of people in different locations use an iPhone to communicate remotely with others in another office. 

If you are serious about your teleconference meetings, we are serious about your sound quality. 

We know all the other accessory speakers for iPhones are using rechargeable batteries which can run out while you are having your conference meeting. That is why we made our Dragon Fire 1 Teleconferencing package powered off a wall ac adapter. Your meetings can go on forever, uninterrupted. This is the world's only, exclusive to our iPhone Dragons Fire 1.

Now, for example we have an office in Los Angeles and one in New York, our meetings are connected by iPhones on both ends. Very convenient and simple right? Yes, but you sacrifice the audio quality. The solution is to have Dragons Fire 1 on both sides of the country. This package is portable and reliable. A meeting of any size can be heard and participated in at both ends seamlessly. 

Compatible with iPhone 5, 6, and 7 with cable connection, iPad and FaceTime.  Use Garage band to record the meeting for later distribution or to have the minutes transcribed.

Perfect for these Teleconferencing groups:

  • Government agencies
  • Business meetings 
  • Charity organizations
  • Schools with distant learning centers
  • Colleges faculty meeting
  • Country to Country negations 
  • Law offices with satellite locations 
  • Churches
  • The groups that can use this Dragon Fire 1 Teleconferencing package are endless 



  • Professional Voice Loud Speakers for amplifying voice
  • Professional Voice Conference microphone for iPhone
  • Ac power supply so meetings can continue forever without batteries wearing out
  • Small Tripod for Voice Microphone
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