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Ipad & Iphone Super Powerful Meeting Microphone

  • The Ultimate Ipad & Iphone Super Microphone
  • Ipad/Iphone Utra powerful meeting & conference recorder
  • Ipad & Iphone Super Conference Meeting Microphone
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Looking for the World's most Super Powerful Iphone Meeting/conference microphone for your iPad or iPhone.

We have designed the world's most powerful & sensitive Ipad/Iphone Meeting microphone, made by hand in California.

This is Americas best selling Ultra Super omni-directional conference & meeting microphone for use exclusively with iPhone's and iPad's.

The iPad Super Microphone was crafted as a high powered solution for a wide range of recording scenarios, such as courts, depositions, meetings, conference, boardrooms and classrooms, IPO meetings.

Whats really amazing is that the microphones don't use a battery and still have a 100 Foot pickup range in a 360 degree pattern. Each iPhone & iPad Super mic features anti-shock rubber silicon feet to prevent noise from air conditioners and vibration from people hitting the table.

We've thoroughly tested the microphone to work with all generations of iPad's and iPhone's. Give it a try and see how well your portable device can actually record.

The great feature of this microphone is that it has a 360 degree boundary microphone pick up pattern. This enable clear voice recordings. The microphone on the iPad and iPhone are more of a direction pattern. 

This Super Ipad microphone is so powerful it will be the only microphone you will ever need to record a meeting even if there is over 100 people in the room.


  • Guaranteed Pick Range of 100 Feet 
  • Crystal Clear Recording when recording on apple devices 
  • Battery Tester built-in for checking battery
  • Tripod not included
Finally a Ipad & Iphone Super Microphone Solution to low recordings on apple tablets. 

Think we are joking about it being the best iPad/iPhone microphone in the world? Here is our guarantee, if you don't find this to be the best iPad or iPhone microphone you have ever heard, we will refund you 100%

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