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iPad & iPhone Microphone for Conference / Meetings

  • ipad conference microphone
  • Daisy chain audio grabbers one plugs into another conference microphone
  • Iphone - Ipad meeting/conference microphone
  • Meeting microphone special feature daisy chainable
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Please Note: You only need one Iphone Conference Microphone. If you have a larger room with more people you can add Audio Grabber microphones to your Iphone Conference microphone. The Audio Grabber plugs into the Iphone microphone, thereby creating a daisy chain. You are able to string together upto 11 Audio Grabber microphones to 1 Iphone Conference microphone. 

Looking for a conference microphone for your iPad or iPhone,and you've noticed all that's out there is up-close dictation mics? We noticed this too and for the past 3 years we've made Americas best selling omni-directional conference & meeting microphone for use exclusively with iPhone's and iPad's.

Iphone Telephone Conference Speaker and microphone

The iPad & iPhone microphone was crafted as a high powered solution for a wide range of recording scenarios, such as courts, depositions, meetings, conference, boardrooms and classrooms.

Whats really amazing is that the microphones don't use a battery and still have a 25 foot pickup range in a 360 degree pattern. Each iPhone & iPad mic features anti-shock rubber silicon feet to prevent noise from air conditioners and vibration from people hitting the table.

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The Super Ipad & Iphone Ultra Sensitive Conference meeting microphone

We've thoroughly tested the microphone to work with all generations of iPad's and iPhone's. Give it a try and see how well your portable device can actually record.

The great feature of this microphone is that it has a 360 degree boundary microphone pick up pattern. This enable clear voice recordings. The microphone on the iPad and iPhone are more of a direction pattern. 


Why does the iPhone have such poor recording quality? It may rest in the placement of the microphone. When the microphone is placed on the bottom or top of a phone such as a samsung galaxy or iPhone, the microphone has a uni-directional pattern. Its very hard for the small inexpensive microphone that most phones are equipped with to pick up voices that are more than 3 feet away. In the research and development they are using a boundary type of microphone which has a limit to the pick up range. The range limiting microphone help eliminate background noises in the phone conversation but isn't helpful when you are trying to pick up a meeting. That is why we developed the iPhone conference microphone. Question, answer, solution. Start at the beginning then stop and look for the better more helpful product for our community. I hope this helped all the iPhone users who are looking for a solution to meeting/conference recording with their iPhones. 

Microphone Range:
Cable Length:
10 feet
Plug Size:
3.5mm (1/8")
Pickup Direction:
Omnidirectional (360°)
Works with all iPhone's & iPad's:

  • iPhone & iPad Microphone
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Product Reviews

  1. Love this ipad meeting microphone 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jun 2014

    Wow there is allot of ipad\iphone conference microphones but none are designed to work in a real world environment. Most are made for music and singers. I found this a year ago and now we record our business meetings with this microphone. We have 3 of the ipad microphones connected to each other down the long table. Having a microphone in front of the person speaking makes everyone sound clear and balanced. Thanks again for making my job of recording the meeting easy.