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Interview Grabber Lapel Microphone (XLR) for Marantz PMD661MKII Recorder

  • Interview Grabber Lapel Microphone lavalier
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The Marantz Interview Grabber Lapel/Lavaliere style microphone is the standard for when broadcast quality microphones are needed. Using a lapel mic on someone (or mic'ing them up) is the only way to get a recording without background noise or interference.

This microphone is ultra noise canceling, with a small pickup radius, assuring only the person speaking is being picked up. It uses a shielded and grounded XLR cable to prevent interference from other devices.

We highly recommend this microphone for use with the Marantz PMD661 for oral history, courtrooms, depositions and podcasting. The lavaliere microphone is commonly called a "lav" is mostly a electric condenser microphone but there is one dynamic microphone still on the market.  It is usually pinned to a tie or shirt to pick up the voices just from the person who has the microphone attached to them.  The lavaliere microphone is usually connect directly to a digital recorder such as a Marantz PMD661 field mp3 digital voice recorder. You can also connect it to a mixer console for more control over the record level of the microphone. For more help with boundry or conference microphones we can guide you.

  • Interview Grabber Microphone
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