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Hands-Free Dictation System No Touch 2 for Crime Labs and Pathology Centers

  • Hand Free Dictation recording equipment use by the USA VA Hospitals
  • Exclusive Hands Free Dictation Recording system
  • Hands-Free Dictation equipment software
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Custom designed for grossing and surgery areas with high moisture, where hands-free dictation is a must.

The No Touch 2, hands-free dictation system is a standalone, small non-PC based recorder with a waterproof foot pedal and a special dictation microphone for doctors and lab workers. The real benefit is the fact it's non-windows, error-free and capable of being deployed across a large network or small office. 

The unit includes an Olympus DS7000nt professional wet kit with docking station, a wet cleanable pedal, a gooseneck clean microphone and a switch the doctor turns to go from dictating on the recorder to automatically downloading the file to their assigned point of transfer. This unique exclusive dictate to download toggle switch black box allows the instant transfer from the recorder to the network, or emailing without actually touching the recorder.

We know many of you are familiar with the brands below which are discontinued, so if you're looking for a replacement, our system is perfectly suited. 

Lanier, Winscribe, and Dictaphone Systems

Finally, a digital clarity, in a superb no touch, dictation system is now available for your CDC office.  So you work in the lab with infectious disease, or areas that need to be kept as clean zones, we have the perfect solution for you. If you need to dictate and create documents from speech without carrying a handheld dictation recorder the No Touch 2 hands-free dictation recorder helps you maintain a clean dictation environment, while being able to clean the pedal and parts. As you press the end of letter button, the dictation is instantly moved through email, FTP or a LAN network, or all three at once. This is a huge advantage for multiple agencies trying to keep track of all the dictation from their authors, or doctors that need a central place to store the dictation and then disseminate it to a transcriptionists.

The recorder is recording in a digital format using a cardoid microphone. The audio is high definition and clear sounding for easy transcription. The administrator can set automatic file creation numbers, demographic information and time date stamping.  While the doctor is dictating, he can also rewind, cue and review, erase, insert or even write over the dictation to make sure it's completely accurate before it ends up at the transcriptionist.

Okay so you're asking about Hipaa. Well, you can set this recorder to 128 bit encryption and only the AS7000nt transcription kit offers correct passcodes that will decrypt your recordings and allow them to be digitally transcribed.  Okay, so you're like the veterans administration we just equipped recently, with a large quantity of systems. They needed a server IT management software that could manage multiple locations, multiple doctors' offices and be able to set up user restricted access levels. We have a solution for that too, if you are using thin clients and you have multiple platforms of OS, we can set a master control software that allows an IT administrator to set firmware updates deploy across platform settings and allow multiple licenses to be installed with the client set up. You have never seen a dictation/transcription set up like this, capable of managing hundreds or even thousands of doctors and thousands more transcriptionists, all from one IT computer. On the ODMS Dictation Management software the administrator can watch in real-time workflow and document creation from the doctors dictation recorder, to the transcriptionist.  

With the No Touch 2 system, you can assign the recorder or doctor their own ID so you can track their dictation through the document creation process. So the no touch hands-free dictation transcription system can do it all from the single office, all the way up to the national network level like the VA hospital system. We can help you achieve your goals of keeping a sterile, clean environment for your dictation system.

The No Touch 2 dictation package exclusive features: The ability to move the Olympus DS7000nt up to 150 feet from the recorder with a high speed cat6 ethernet cable. Another exclusive Martel Electronics option, is the addition of either a ceiling hanging dictation microphone,  a gooseneck , or a wall mount dictaphone microphone. No other dictation hands free system can even come close to our No Touch 2 system.  By the way, we've already checked it for windows 10 compatibility and it works perfectly. If reliability and affordability are what you're looking for, the No Touch 2 is your dictation choice.

Special note for the Federal Government and  CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention), Martel is a GSA contractor with over 50 years of experience in the government dictation equipment industry. We are certified with the State Department and the FBI in all 50 states. We have local and federal contracts and co-op purchasing with most counties in the United States. So why buy with someone else when you can go with the company that pioneered dictation recording equipment. If you're a government agency, we accept purchase orders. If you need us to give you a quote in advance, please fill out the quote form in the top bar.

  • Martel No Touch 2 Digital Dictation recorder
  • Ac Power Adaptor
  • Dictate/Download Switch to pc
  • 3 way Waterproof footpedal
  • Gooseneck Microphone
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