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DM-671 Two Channel Recorder for Stenomask Reporters

  • DM671 is the replacement for the Marantz PMD671
  • DM671 Side view
  • DM671 inputs
  • XLR microphone
  • DM671 Recorders buttons
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The Martel DM671 replaces the dicontinued Marantz PMD671 used by so many stenomask reporters for years. We are excited to have a alternative to the Marantz PMD671.  

Finally you have a choice of a world class 2 channel digital recorder that can rewind and do play backs without creating a new digital audio file. Recorder you deposition or court case all day and you can set the recorder to only create one file. Now for those of you out there who have been using the PMD430 2 channel recorder for 15 years, now you have the information and the options you were waiting to have. Expert note, this machine was designed for stenomask reporters in mind but it also makes a terrific courtroom recorder if you need that type of equipment.

The DM671 is very unique, as it's the only recorder that finalizes as it records. You see, most recorders will lose your entire recording if there is a power outage (batteries die) or if theres a memory card error. The DM671 does not, everything is saved up to the point where the recording stops.

Why do you need a DM671 Digital Court Reporter Recorder:
1. The unit has confidence monitor, what you are hearing is actually being recorded. this is the only digital recorder in the world that has this feature.
2. The DM671 is writing to the card and saving as you go, this means you will never loose any recordings.
3. The DM671 can name the case or depo on the unit which allows you to easy find the recordings later.

Record, Stop Rewind and readback without creating a new file! Once you hit the record button again it starts from the point you left off so you cant record over your proceedings. 

Learning from the shortcomings of the PMD671, the DM671 was engineered to be much more user friendly than its predecessor. Court Reporters years after year requested that one feature be added to the Marantz PMD671 to make their lives easier. A rewind for readbacks.

The DM671 allows for easy rewinding and playback for whenever a quick readback is needed. Simply hit the stop button and hold down the rewind for a few seconds then hit play. You will instanly be able to hear what was just spoken. No more setting index marks, or fast forwarding from the beginning, like the PMD671 did.

More importantly, it saves you money. Verbatim/voice writer reporters were purchasing an additional backup recorder just so they could do a readback quickly. Now that the DM-671 can do it, theres no need to purchase a poor quality handheld recorder to do this. 

Also, check out this new feature. Plug in a normal full size keyboard to the DM671 and control the recorder, playback or even rename your files.

You can use the XLR Stenomask or you can use the 1/4 inch stenomask on this digital 2 channel recorder. 

Multi-Channel Digital Voice Recorder
File Type:
Bit Rate:
16 or 24
Channels :
Sampling Frequency:
44.1kHz to 192kHz
Third Head Recording Protection:
Microphone Jack:
(2) XLR
Headphone Jack:
Level Controls:
Manual, Automatic
AC Plug or (8) AA Batteres
Battery Life:
5.5 hours
Dimensions (WxDxH):
10.25"W x 7.75"D x 2.5"H

  • DM-671 Recorder
  • Full Size Keyboard
  • Firewire Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Owner's Manual
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Product Reviews

  1. Had to buy the DM671 its the replacement for the marantz pmd671 and pmd670 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jul 2014

    When I got the dm671 I noticed it had a rewind button on it. I cant believe my good luck that it can record just like a tape recorder. I can even do read backs in court. I can name the files with the keyboard Martel included in the package. So now I start a case number and name it and when I am done I can go right back to the case when I am scoping my work. I love the 2 channel transcription kit that came with it. I can toggle between my mask and the room microphone very easily. All in all its a much improved digital 2 channel recorder.

  2. Works like my old tape recorder marantz pmd430 two channel recorder 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th May 2014

    I switched to the dm671 and have never looked back. It even has rewind like my old recorder. The unit though is expensive but worth the money. My only gripe is the price. I wish it was cheaper.