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Court Reporters - Turn your Windows 10 Court Reporter Laptop into a Windows 7 Look and Feel - Remote Martel Upgrade

  • Court reporting software upgrade

Ok, so you just upgraded to Windows 10, you're a court reporter and are totally lost! Windows 10 looks like an alien planet to you. You're not the only court reporter who has told us that they can not work Windows 10 and they are in serious trouble. WE CAN HELP.

If you buy the Windows 7 Look and Feel we will remotely login to your new computer or upgraded computer and completely change your look and feel back to the Windows 7 comfortable look. Even though you will be running Windows 10 you will be able to instantly be comfortable with your new PC.

Since this is a ONE on ONE remote login to your computer it is by appointment only. Once you buy the $99 upgrade we will contact you with an update time. This upgrade will save you thousands of dollars in lost productivity and having to learn the new Windows 10 operating system.


  • We login into your computer from our computer and do the software upgrade while you drinking your coffee. 
  • We make a restore point so everything can change back to original set up if you chose later.
  • All Changes in the look and feel are reversible at a later date.
  • Clean and streamline your opertating software so your court reporter software will run faster and better.
  • Remove unwanted programs that are slowing you down and messing with your court reporting equipment.
  • Overall Tune Up.
  • One on One Help via remote login into your computer.
  • Appoint Scheduling done as soon as possible 

If you have multiple Court Reporter computers, please allow us to schedule them into a one day appointment. 

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