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Court Reporter Wireless Microphone made for Digital Recorders and laptops

  • Court Reporter wireless microphone transmitter
  • Courtroom wireless microphone kit
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The courtroom wireless microphone system is for use digital conference recorder, laptops, and steno machines/writers. If you prefer a ready to go Court Reporter wireless microphone kit use the wireless assistant.  The system features a transmission range up to 150 feet, depending on conditions, and a 900 MHz FM transmission for high-quality sound.  This inexpensive wireless system comes in a pair, receiver/transmitter. This unit has three channels and you can pair up to three sets of wireless microphones in a court room. On the pair their is a channel selector a,b,c. If you are working a in a large older courtroom and the acoustics are poor you can use this device to supplement your hearing. This is the perfect package for wiring up a expert witness who is going to give the court technical deposition testimony. If you are a real-time reporter you can plug the receiver directly into you steno machines microphone jack. There is another input for additional court reporter microphone at you seat. You can also put transcription headsets on and plug into the receiver and listen in real-time.
Expert information section: This is also a great way to start a videographer business. The lapel microphones can be connected to a tie on a suit/dress and you can run the receiver back to video recorder. Remember you can have 3 pairs in the same room which means you can wireless microphone 3 people at the same time. The receivers can be daisy chained into each other, creating one output for the digital recorder.

The complete kit includes a lavaliere microphone, transmitter, receiver and monitoring earphone, three channels with a selector switch for low interference and a compact, lightweight design.

Learn more about using a correctly wiring a expert witness using a Lavaliere microphone from the video below.

Legal Video Academy Sample - Microphone Placement (Chapter 4.6) ()
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